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Recipes / Secondi di Carne

Bio buono

Stew with vegetables

Here's how to prepare an excellent and tasty beef stew accompanied by good seasonal vegetables from the garden
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Il tepore della tradizione

Hungarian Goulash

The tastes and aromas of Hungarian peasant cuisine in a winter dish that can be revisited in many ways
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La ricetta grigliata

Chicken Kabir

Simple and genuine recipe from the peasant tradition that begins with the careful choice of ingredients and delicious side vegetables.
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Alla siciliana

Schnitzel in Palermo

Dish from the Sicilian tradition which is characterized by a breading very rich in color and flavour
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Cucina bergamasca

Stew and polenta

A typical dish from the Bergamo area, which places polenta next to beef stew: an added value that never tires
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Gustoso e saporito

Easy roast

The solution of modern times, when we are always in a rush, but don't want to give up a complete and delicious main dish
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Ricetta golosa

Stuffed meatloaf

Delicious meatloaf is the recipe capable of saving us in every circumstance but it is important to choose the right mince.
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Con cipolla rossa

Meat stew

An important course that serves as a first, second and side dish: the perfect invitation to stop for Sunday lunch
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Al profumo d'Oriente

Oriental beef strips

An easy proposal to prepare but which at the time often hides a particular flavor that will amaze everyone
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Un classico

Veal with tuna sauce

An adaptable recipe, originally created without tuna and mayonnaise, but which became a masterpiece following their addition
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Un po' di fantasia

Happy rolls

The ingredients for the cheerful rolls are simple, genuine and rich in flavour. Suitable for any season, this recipe transforms steak
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Milanese risotto with ossobuco

A classic of Lombard cuisine and Milanese culture whose protagonist is the strong and well-defined flavor of osso buco.
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