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Our values

We breeders are people of one piece: reliable, authentic and sincere, we love family, jobs done well and good flavors of the past. These have always been the values ​​we believe in.


One of the most important values: knowing and respecting our origins , for us it means reliability and trust.

We only select family-run companies like ours in which, from generation to generation, those little secrets capable of making a difference are passed down.

Ours are companies where we work well, because we all take seriously the responsibility of producing truly genuine food for our families and our customers . You can be sure that the products we offer our children every day are the same ones that arrive on your table .


We are breeders , we have always been and we couldn't be anything else. The farmhouse we show you is our home , the land we cultivate is the same that our great-grandfather Silvio worked.

As then, we like to respect peasant traditions and the rhythms of Mother Nature and we like to personally follow every stage of production: we have total control of our short supply chain , from the herbs that we grow as fodder for the herd, to the steers that we lead to our artisan butcher , to the Boxes we offer you.

We have always sold genuine meat , from the farmer to your table: 100% authentic .


We love welcoming people to our farm: we like to give the opportunity to visit the stable and explain the work we do , both live and "virtually" on our social channels.

We have no secrets!

Total traceability and absolute transparency of the production chain are fundamental requirements for us to always be sure of guaranteeing the highest quality .

I commit

We work with passion to offer a better future to our children and to people like you, who put themselves on the line to make the right choices.

The need to connect farmers and consumers was born from the desire to avoid any unnecessary intermediate step .

Offering our products directly to customers allows us to eliminate waste and reduce pollution .

Avoiding industrial production processes allows us to enhance the activities of all farmers , producers , artisans and breeders who work well, respecting animal welfare and respecting the environment .

We are trying hard to be part of the change !


There is always a nice climate in the farmhouse. Maybe it's the outdoor life or the nature that surrounds us, but here it's really easy to be in a good mood .

This is the spirit with which we work, both in the fields and in the laboratory from which our expeditions depart.

Whether you visit us in person or contact us via computer or telephone, you will always be welcomed by us with a smile .