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Recipes / carne italiana

La ricetta della pasta all’amatriciana

The recipe for pasta all'amatriciana

Here is the right and wrong version of this cornerstone of Italian cuisine.

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Air fryer chicken drumsticks recipe

The recipe for organic chicken drumsticks with air fryer is really simple and the dish will be as good as in a restaurant. Let's see the steps.
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Recipes with beef heart : ideas from the world

Cut of meat that is part of offal but - often - undervalued in our kitchens. Let's discover these two tasty recipes.

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Recipe for cheese and egg balls

Boiled meat is a dish that absorbs local tastes and traditions. This is how Abruzzo chooses to enhance the delicate flavor of boiled beef.
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A tutta salsa!

5 fabulous sauces for meat

We know that fresh Italian meat must be enjoyed in its purity in order to capture every single nuance of flavour. But if we add a good homemade sauce to some dishes, the experience becomes unique.
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Sapori estivi

3 recipes with raw beef

When the heat arrives, the desire to cook something cooked disappears. Here the recipes with raw beef come to save a family lunch or dinner.
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Vacanza in montagna

Barolo braised meat : the recipe for those who love the mountains

The heat arrives and among the holidaymakers there are also those who love the mountains and decide to escape to cooler temperatures. Here the Barolo braised meat becomes a dish that is not entirely out of place.
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Cena estiva

2 recipes with beef escalopes

Scallops are a must among quick recipes with beef. Tasty, very quick and adaptable to many preparations: from dinner-saving dishes to super light summer dinners.
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Carne italiana

2 easy recipes with sliced ​​beef

Sliced ​​beef is the undisputed queen of the early summer barbecue, choose the recipe with citrus fruits or green pepper, have fun and amaze!
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Sapori BBQ

Grilled beef spinach

Spinach or beef pocket is a cut of meat that is suitable for many dishes of Italian cuisine. Few know its grilled version.
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