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Zero impact

In life, every action we choose to take has an impact on the environment: homes, transport, our lifestyle and our diet.

The fate of the planet is in our hands: every decision has different consequences. Every small choice carries a great responsibility and we are all involved.

There are some truly positive signs of change: more and more people are making a concrete commitment to protecting the environment and the companies in our network have also been working for years to reduce their environmental impact, day after day, one action at a time.

The production and consumption of meat also obviously contribute to emitting quantities of CO 2 into the atmosphere, the main climate-altering greenhouse gas that has been compromising the health of the Earth for some time. Carne Genuina has always thought about environmental sustainability and tries to reduce and compensate for these emissions.

In the last 10 years, photovoltaic systems have been installed on the roof of our farmhouse and on the roofs of the farms with which we collaborate, producing energy for around 150 families, thus offsetting 60% of the CO 2 emissions deriving from our farming.

Zero impact

In 2014 we invented the Bovì Box with these purposes:

  • educate on the responsible consumption of Italian meat, avoiding any waste;
  • enhance farms that are committed to reducing their environmental impact;
  • promote food sustainability and responsible consumption;
  • offer sustainable meat of the highest quality without polluting intermediate steps.

We are proud to be able to say that Carne Genuina is Italian meat with zero impact!
How was it possible to become CO2 neutral?

Cattle breeding and product transport produce CO2

It has been calculated that producing 1 kg of beef releases around 25 kg of CO2 into the atmosphere.

Each calf weighs around 300 kg and therefore raising one releases 7500 kg of CO2.

On average, we raise 30 of them every year and produce a total of 225 t of CO2 per year.

The clean energy we produce neutralizes 60% of the CO2 released

All our photovoltaic systems produce 660 mwh of renewable energy per year.

Producing clean energy on the farm helps to "clean" part of the CO2 we put into the atmosphere, helping us restore the balance in favor of the planet.

More precisely, of the 225 tonnes of CO2, we neutralize 132: almost 60%!

35 Baobabs offset the remaining 40% of the CO2 we produce

In 2021 we adopted a small Baobab forest to offset the remaining 40% (93t) of the CO2 we produce!

A Baobab plant manages to absorb 3000 kg of CO2 in its lifetime. To compensate for the 105 t of CO2 we have left, this year thanks to Treedom we have adopted 35 Baobabs in Kenya which together neutralize 105 t of CO2 (approximately 547 trucks of CO2).

Every year we will carry out this project, continuing to plant to increase our environmental sustainability and eliminate the impact of the CO2 we produce.

Our bamboo groves

In 2022 we have decided to complete the pollution compensation process on Italian territory.

Thanks to Forever Bambù we balance the greenhouse gas emissions of an entire year: bamboo groves absorb 36 times more CO2 than any traditional forest and the surface area adopted will grow exponentially with the increase in our volumes.

Carne Genuina's carbon neutrality calculator

This is why we can say that ours is zero impact meat, or rather sub-zero!

Our Italian meat contributes to improving the health of our planet. By choosing Carne Genuina, you are choosing to promote the consumption of sustainable meat with sub-zero impact : shopping here is good for the whole world!

We farmers have always felt a strong bond with the land and we know the power of a seed that germinates and the wonder of a plant that grows. Choosing a product from our short supply chain is a choice as powerful as a seed : a small action that produces global positive effects and even makes a tree grow in Africa!

Choosing a product from our short supply chain is a choice as powerful as a seed : a small action that produces global positive effects and even makes a tree grow in Africa!

Among many, we have selected the Baobab because it is a majestic tree, a symbol of wisdom and wisdom. We like it because it has these super-powers : it absorbs large quantities of CO2 , protects the environment and contributes to the economic development of the territory in which it grows .

Furthermore, in Africa the Baobab tree is often found physically at the center of the social life of the village: the most important decisions are made right under its branches.

We like knowing that our trees are grown and cared for by a fellow local farmer and that this work guarantees well-being for him and his family.

We like to know that our small Baobab forest also exists thanks to many people who have decided to make an important decision: to "sit under a tree" to make the best choice for our planet.

Genuine Meat ,
now with zero impact .