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This is a story about families , land and simplicity .

Our farmhouse

The story begins in an ancient and special place: the Delfina farmhouse of the Assanelli family, where at the end of the 19th century, great-grandfather Silvio Assanelli started a cow farm in the countryside of Treviglio , in the heart of the Po Valley.

From the farmyard, with his son Carlo, he can observe the dark and silent grounds veiled by the morning fog, enjoying those views told in Ermanno Olmi's film, The Tree of Clogs.

Meadows and corn fields crossed by country roads frozen in winter and dusty in summer, rustic walls of bricks and stones, warm stables, quiet bellowing, distant bells tolling and work, lots of work in the fields.

After more than a century we are still here : Carlo has become a grandfather and now helps his sons Simone and Cristoforo raise dairy and meat cows respecting the ancient peasant traditions.

Our work

Today, as then, in fact, we personally take care of all the production phases of our short, or rather very short, supply chain . We respect seasonality and the times of Mother Nature, treasuring the experience of the generations that preceded us.

Simone and Cristoforo work the 40 hectares of fields surrounding the farmhouse, cultivating corn, alfalfa and stable polyphytic meadows which become corn flour and hay with which we feed our herd.

Every day they distribute generous and fragrant rations of 100% natural forage in the stable, rich in local essences coming directly from our land. Our cows have been born and raised here for over a century, bred with authentic passion .

We have always shared the fruits of our labor, milk and meat, with the farming families of the area, with the town's butchers and with those who pass by the farm to purchase our products.

Genuine meat

Since 2014 we have wanted to give more people the opportunity to access this ancient world of ours, made of land, hay, animals and jobs done well. We were the first to sell meat online and it was a success !

Mattia, the youngest of the Assanelli brothers, created the platform on which we find ourselves now and which connects us, here in the farmhouse, to you, who are reading to us now.

The main objective was to put the breeder and the final consumer directly in contact , to re-establish a sincere relationship of trust and eliminate the intermediate steps. This is how our Bovì Box was born, the product that has always identified us: our assortment of veal meat, from the farmer to your table, like in the past.

The direct connection is a guarantee for everyone: you have the certainty of purchasing genuine products, of safe origin and totally unrelated to industrial processes and we see justice done to the care, attention and experience that we put into our work as breeders. It is a pact that binds us and of which we are proud.

Since 2019 we have decided to make the Carne Genuina platform available to other companies like ours , which share our values ​​and passion for simple things. For the selection we have established a few, but fundamental, requirements:

  • Family run business : we can trust you.
  • Short supply chain : we guarantee total product traceability.
  • Attention to animal welfare : we respect our animals.
  • Attention to sustainability : we always think about the future.

A century has now passed since the times of great-grandfather Silvio: we now have an online shop, two shipping workers, a refrigerated courier and customers from all over Italy.

We have grown but, now as then, we continue to do things well, like we used to . Great-grandfather Silvio would be really proud of us.