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The artisans

We are proud to present the companies that are part of the Carne Genuina family which, in addition to Az. Agr. F.lli Assanelli now offers a vast assortment of genuine products, made with the heart.

We have selected companies like ours and we have these requirements in common:

  • Family run business : we can trust you
  • Short supply chain : we guarantee total product traceability
  • Attention to animal welfare : we respect our animals
  • Attention to sustainability : we always think about the future

Taddei Dairy

The Taddei dairy, based in Fornovo San Giovanni in the lower Bergamo plain, is an established family tradition that began in 1885 with the great-grandfather Giandomenico.

"We believe so much in the product", Massimo Taddei always tells us when we visit him in the company and, as he talks to us about his cheeses, his eyes shine. He represents the fourth generation of this dairy founded in 1885 in Fornovo San Giovanni, here in the plain.

Today he leads this dairy company which specializes in producing and maturing cheeses linked to the rich tradition of the area.

The promotion of high quality craftsmanship has always been the company's strong point.

Historically their production was limited to fresh cheeses, which were then sold to maturers, but in the 80s Mr. Taddei had a great idea: to retire the family business and start personally taking care of the seasoning too, with the certainty of being able to obtain a superior product.

Precisely, in 1986, Massimo began his adventure, deciding to take the reins of the company and continue the production of Taleggio , which at the time was sold fresh to seasoners.

Obviously he made it and his cheeses are a delicacy and he boasts a vast range of Taddei cheeses present on the market and guaranteed 100% made in Italy .

His secrets? Short supply chain , artisanal processing, wood seasoning and a century-long experience .

Their cheeses such as Pan di Cacio, Blutunt and Taleggio DOP have won the World Cheese Awards several times.

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Tabiano Dairy

A farm where they still call the last born calf by name cannot fail to be a truly special place, where people still work with passion and care .

You won't find much information online about this small company in the province of Reggio Emilia , officially established on 4 April 1954 with 35 members and a total flock of 99 lactating animals . In 2000, it undertook the initiative to complete the supply chain, maturing its own production in the hills of Viano .

Since then they have been cultivating organic fodder on Apennine soil , breeding Friesian with cutting-edge technologies in harmony and respect for tradition , patiently maturing the wheels of Parmesan , in their large and precious warehouse which today can preserve the secret maturation of as many as 12,000 wheels .

Currently made up of 13 contributing members , Latteria Tabiano feeds its cows with fodder , herbs and hay from organic farming , maintaining a strong commitment to respecting the environment .

The animals, of the Italian Brown, Italian Friesian and Reggiana breeds, benefit from the organic production techniques practiced on the 650 hectares of Apennine land. The Parmigiano Reggiano produced by Latteria Sociale di Tabiano maintains the tradition of being healthy and delicious .

That's why we say don't be surprised if you still hear farmers calling their calves by name in these areas.

Agr. Az. Pratorosso

A farmhouse designed in an ancient parchment from 1496 , a barley cultivation with a solid tradition behind it, a producer who has been involved in the countryside of Settala , in the province of Milan , since 2012 .

Authentic peasant secrets combined with a short supply chain production process, to obtain a raw beer rich in flavors and aromas , a beer with distant roots, which takes its name from the land that the grandparents called "Pràa Russ".

Its location in fact derives from the Milanese dialect name of the field surrounding the farmhouse, called "Pràa Russ", which translates into "Red Meadow". Here, for years, the barley used in the production of beers was grown.

Pratorosso stands out for a short supply chain and the production of raw beers, without pasteurization , to preserve the aromas as much as possible and complete the bouquet of flavors and aromas through refermentation in the bottle .


The Devodier company, with roots dating back to the 1700s , originated as farmers dedicated to the processing and distribution of meat through a series of historic butcher shops in Parma .

In the early 1900s, they expanded their business by dedicating themselves mainly to seasoning. Enrico Devodier , exploiting centuries of tradition and a profound knowledge of the raw material , was one of the historic founding pioneers of the Parma Ham Consortium in 1963 .

Devodier Parma Ham is the result of careful selection from the best Italian farms, with the assurance of a strictly antibiotic-free system starting from the 49th day of the animal's life. This guarantees at least 7 months of production without the use of antibiotics until the moment of slaughter.

Devodier Parma Ham belongs to the exclusive "Maria Luigia" line, the result of the century-old experience of the Devodier family. The supply chain is certified by an external body at European level, offering complete traceability .

Doc Delicacies

In Pandino , in the heart of the Visconti lands in the province of Cremona , the Leccornie doc artisan laboratory comes to life, a young and dynamic company oriented towards the future. Here, the tradition of the territory and an innovative gastronomic culture come together.

Since 2002 , under the creative guidance of Enrica Orsini , this flavor laboratory has been committed to the journey of rediscovering taste and the passion for Cremonese mustard . The goal is to explore the new within tradition, enhancing typical and authentic flavors .

Through curiosity, experience and professionalism, the path has led to the creation of ever new , genuine and appetizing products. However, there is a common denominator in all of this: quality . The latter extends to the choice of ingredients, manufacturing processes, relationships with suppliers and customers, and respect for the environment .

The company aims to establish a balanced dialogue between tradition and avant-garde , giving relevance to classic recipes and using them as a starting point for experimenting and creating new culinary proposals .


When it comes to traditional food, the word "traditional" means " good ", without compromise , capable of satisfying and giving well-being. Claudio Capitelli shares this philosophy , believing that exploring the difficult paths of tradition leads to the discovery of unique and exciting flavours.

For over 40 years , he has worked incessantly to realize this vision, a continuous search that gives unforgettable satisfaction.

In 1976 , Claudio Capitelli, passionate about gastronomy and entrepreneurship, realized his ambitions by founding the Prosciuttificio Capitelli in Borgonovo Val Tidone .

In 1992 , his son Angelo joined forces in managing the company, making an original contribution and changing the rules of Italian delicatessen, while respecting the principles of tradition.

They operate with competence and responsibility , a commitment recognized by the IFS certification, the international standard for food safety along the supply chain and in the product processing phases.

In 1994, Angelo Capitelli revolutionized cooked ham, giving life to San Giovanni , in honor of the master butcher Attilio San Giovanni. The latter, owner of Bottega San Giovanni in Corso Vercelli (MI), was one of the most famous delicatessen makers in Milan in the 1980s and a source of inspiration for Angelo .

San Giovanni cooked ham, awarded the title of " best cooked ham in Italy ", is today the most awarded by gastronomic guides , with recognition also from Guida Salumi d'Italia and Gambero Rosso , attesting to our dedication to excellence .

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Agr. Az. Salemi Pina

The Salemi Pina agricultural company stands out for the production , transformation and marketing of organic food preserves , including sauces , gravies , bruschetta, pestos and extra virgin olive oil .

The founder started this business with the purchase of approximately 10 hectares of land in the Sortinesi countryside , in the heart of the Iblei Mountains . This land has been made suitable for the cultivation of olive trees and open-field vegetables , following an organic methodology from the beginning.

The company boasts notable certifications, including the BRC Certificate , the Organic Products Certificate and the IFS Certificate .