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Recipes / carne macinata


Cannelloni stuffed with meat

A journey into the heart of Italian stuffed pasta, let's find out everything about stuffed meat cannelloni.
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Piatto di sostanza

Recipe for peppers stuffed with meat

Evergreen of typical southern cuisine, peppers stuffed with meat can delight every palate with the delicate and smoky taste of the combo.
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Cucina toscana

2 recipes with minced meat

To make a good dish, a few basic and "poor" ingredients are enough, but not in terms of taste. Tuscan cuisine is the perfect union between poor peasant tradition and good cuisine.
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Prelibatezza tradizionale

Minced beef: from ragù to tartare

Minced meat lends itself to many dishes. Haute cuisine loves tartare, tradition embraces the idea that a good ragù wins over - almost - everything.
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Sapori europei

Two foreign recipes with minced meat

There are many recipes around the world for using minced meat. Let's discover two delicious recipes to indulge in and create refined dishes to explore all the cuisines of the world
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Poliedrica e buonissima

Italian recipes with minced meat

In Italy there are a thousand recipes and ways to use minced meat to indulge in creating unique traditional dishes and find their way onto all the tables of the peninsula. Let's discover three tasty recipes.
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Gustoso aperitivo

Recipe for rolls , ham and cheese

The description is mouth watering, will the flavor be too? Yes, definitely yes. If and only if research and choice of healthy and genuine ingredients is preferred.
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Lemon meatballs

A simple, colorful and at the same time complete and fragrant dish: few ingredients, maximum yield.
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Fantastica idea

Bavaria or Fantozzi meatballs

Here's a fantastic idea to surprise the little ones with an alternative recipe to the classic meatballs: Fantozzi meatballs.
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Hamburger di carne trita

Grandma's burger

Grandma's recipe for the homemade hamburger, as per the old tradition: quick, simple but tasty and tasty
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Ripieni di carne

Courgette flowers

A good dish, complete and rich in vegetables and meat at the same time: a truly irresistible temptation
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