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Recipes / ricetta estiva


Quick recipe for spaghetti with lemon and buffalo pesto

Flavor of summer: let's discover the gourmet recipe with lemon pesto and buffalo mozzarella from Caseificio Quattro Portoni.
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Lasagna day

Summer Lasagna with courgettes, ham and cheese

Here is a super tasty summer version that includes two variations: with and without puff pastry.
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Cold pasta with vegetables and cheeses

Let's discover together the many varieties of cold pasta in summer and the recipe to delight your palate with a light and tasty dish.

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Cucumber rolls with ricotta and bresaola

A no-cook summer dish that is super quick to prepare, versatile and delicious.

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Beef strips with hummus

Here is a quick and summer Israeli recipe with strips of beef: with a super inviting oriental scent.

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Friggitelli recipe stuffed with buffalo ricotta

Everyone loves these sweet and super buttery chili peppers, but what do you think if we filled them with some delicious buffalo ricotta?
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Homemade chicken kebab

Discovering the delicious kebab recipe with chicken breast and pita, a super tasty summer dish to prepare in just a few minutes.

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Summer crostini with buffalo mozzarella and ham

How hot and how little desire to stir fry! Crostini are the true evergreen solution for a super quick, tasty and sbatty-free summer dish!
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Summer beef wrap

The beef wrap or piadina with beef is a dish that comes to us from distant Latin America but which we can recreate at home while having fun in the kitchen.
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Crostini and cold cuts: delicious recipes and ideas

Summer rhymes with fresh, tasty and quick dishes: here are three recipes for creating super gourmet croutons and cold cuts.
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Organic vitello tonnato: lightness and quality

Italian organic meat regains its splendor by combining a unique flavor with a historic recipe... Here's what you need to know
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Tutto bio

Organic meat tartare in 4 sauces

A quick, genuine lunch with certified organic meat: here are 4 perfect sauces for beef tartare!
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