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Gustoso e saporito

Easy roast

Does the desire to stay behind the stove not belong to you today? No problem, choose a dish that almost cooks itself.

The easy roast is the solution of modern times, when we are always in a hurry, and we don't want to give up a complete and delicious single dish. Bovì offers many recipes that adapt to everyone's time and maintains the fixed point of the genuineness of the meat.

Choose to purchase the Bovì Box with multiple cuts of meat, it will give you the opportunity to try new and easy to prepare recipes, you will amaze your guests and you will not cook the usual sad steak.

Easy roast. We like it!

To cook an easy roast, you need a few ingredients and an oven . The speed of preparation leaves room for imagination which, in doing so, can be used with the choice of particular or traditional vegetables.

Roasted potatoes: peeled, diced, in the oven and away you go!

Or mashed potatoes, or to arouse the curiosity of the little ones you can choose to accompany the easy roast with the molds created from the pureed carrots and potatoes. Green salad to stay light, pan-fried courgettes to satisfy the palate.

As long as it is vegetables - tubers at most - any side dish lends itself perfectly to accompanying the easy roast which thus becomes a multifaceted dish rich in flavour.



Place a large pan on the heat and fill it with water . While you wait for it to boil, wash, peel and cut the carrots and potatoes into chunks. Boil the vegetables and set them aside waiting for them to cool .

In the meantime, take care of the meat : season it with salt and white pepper , taking care to reach every side. Wrap the roast in the appropriate string and after inserting a sprig of rosemary, place on a baking tray . Finely chop the onions and add them to the pan.

Bake, with a preheated oven at 180 degrees and leave to cook for 50/60 minutes .

In the meantime, use a potato masher to mash the potatoes and carrots. Using a piping bag, create some moulds .

When there are 10 minutes left until cooking, inform the molds and wait for the external crust to be created.

At the end of cooking, first take the roast out of the oven , remove the string and cut into thin slices, when you have finished, remove the potato and carrot molds and serve .

Adults and children alike will be waiting for you with their mouths watering, bon appetit!