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Recipes / ricetta recupero

La minestra maritata: una ricetta di recupero

Maritata soup: a recovery recipe

A recipe from the Neapolitan tradition revisited in a Lombard key (only in the type of ingredients) for a unique taste
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All meatballs : recipes and kitchen tricks

Here are 8 delicious and easy to prepare meatball recipes: meatballs with leftovers, gourmet meatballs or light meatballs, in short, you'll be spoiled for choice.

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Recovery recipe: Piccapò boiled meat

Roman cuisine is one of the oldest Italian culinary traditions. Let's find out how to create a tasty boiled meat.
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Grandma's boiled meatballs recipe

Nothing is thrown away in the kitchen! Here the leftover boiled meat becomes the basis for some super tasty grandma's meatballs.
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Lemon meatballs

A simple, colorful and at the same time complete and fragrant dish: few ingredients, maximum yield.
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Panino e onion rings

Meatballs with sauce and onion rings

Meatballs can be appetizing, versatile, intriguing and, why not, sexy! They lend themselves to improvisation and are the dish of memories
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