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Recipes / pollo orientale

Ricetta pollo alle mandorle e bambù

Ricetta pollo alle mandorle e bambù

 Una ricetta che troviamo in tutti i ristoranti e facilissima da ricreare!

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Couscous with vegetables and chicken

Among the thousand faces of couscous, here is the super tasty version perfect for your meals in the hot season.

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Homemade chicken kebab

Discovering the delicious kebab recipe with chicken breast and pita, a super tasty summer dish to prepare in just a few minutes.

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Chicken meatballs with salad and avocado

A tasty and light second course. The perfect solution to face the summer heat!
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Sweet and sour chicken wings: balance and in between!

An international recipe with a unique flavor and easy to combine with meat sauces.
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Asian style

Oriental chicken recipe

A recipe with chicken meat that smells of the East, easy to prepare and perfect for any occasion: from a romantic dinner to a lunch with friends in true Asian style.
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