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Recipes / ricette con pollo

I cibi freschi dell'estate: idee con pollo

I cibi freschi dell'estate: idee con pollo

Ecco alcune ricette veloci con la carne di pollo per affrontare la bella stagione con gusto

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Bocconcini di pollo alle erbe aromatiche

Chicken nuggets with aromatic herbs

A new easy, quick and tasty chicken recipe is ready for you!

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8 Recipes with chicken nuggets

Let's face it, we all love chicken nuggets! Whether used for quick or gourmet recipes, these little morsels really win everyone over.
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The recipe for soup with pumpkin, chicken and mushrooms

A true autumn comfort food recipe that includes the best seasonal ingredients! Let's prepare it together.
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Kids 2

2 recipes with meat for children

The mini guide on the best meat recipes for children continues!
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3 meat recipes for children

Let's discover tasty, nutritious and easy-to-prepare recipes for children together.

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Chicken breast with peppers recipe

The perfect dish to enjoy hot or cold as a snack at work, perhaps accompanied by a portion of basmati rice or salad.
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Chicken rolls with spinach in a pan

This recipe represents the fusion between the richness of organic chicken and the vitality of spinach, and offers a dish suitable for all occasions.

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Caesar Salad Recipe: Chicken Salad!

An explosion of fresh and tasty flavors with the creaminess of Caesar sauce will make you fall in love with every bite.
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Ideas for cooking the chicken burger

Want something tasty but not too demanding? Organic chicken burgers are for you.
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Air fryer

Chicken and air fryer : here are the best recipes

Cooking chicken with the air fryer: healthy, fast and tasty! Here are our Genuine recipes.

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Couscous with vegetables and chicken

Among the thousand faces of couscous, here is the super tasty version perfect for your meals in the hot season.

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