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Recipes / come cucinare l'arrosto


Lactose -free roast: the intolerant thanks

If milk is banned, you need an idea to create a sauce with beef, here's the solution!
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Piatto unico

Roast spinach recipe with potatoes

A recipe with beef spinach that is easy to prepare and perfect to please all diners with simple and delicate flavours.
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Baked roast beef with chocolate

Roast beef: a delicious recipe with a special ingredient to complete the flavor of tender and soft meat.
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Con salsa pugliese

Crispy roast with Apulian flavours

The roast lends itself to many variations: imagination, inventiveness and a pinch of risky combinations, let's discover it with a very tasty sauce.
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Le domeniche in famiglia

Citrus roast

A recipe suitable for the Sunday family table and as a recycling lunch on Monday, as we know: it's an uphill day for everyone!
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