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The breeders

We are proud to present the companies that are part of the Carne Genuina family which, in addition to Az. Agr. F.lli Assanelli now offers a vast assortment of genuine products, made with the heart.

We have selected companies like ours and we have these requirements in common:

  • Family run business : we can trust you
  • Short supply chain : we guarantee total product traceability
  • Attention to animal welfare : we respect our animals
  • Attention to sustainability : we always think about the future

Agr. Az. The Assanelli brothers

Our family farm is located in the countryside surrounding Treviglio in the farmhouse of the Società Agricola F.lli Assanelli .

The breeding was started by great-grandfather Silvio at the end of the nineteenth century and carried on today by grandfather Carlo and his sons Simone and Cristoforo (third generation of breeders).

Our family personally follows every step of the short supply chain , raising cattle in accordance with peasant traditions and seasonality , taking care of all the phases of our short supply chain: from the cultivation of fodder, to the care of our white and black spotted steers, Belgian Blue, Angus and Wagyu.

The company is surrounded by 40 hectares of land which guarantee the production of fodder intended for the supply of the animals; the fields are partly cultivated with corn , alfalfa and ryegrass , partly maintained as stable polyphytic meadows or herbs with a variety of local essences which enrich the calves' ration with 100% natural scents and nutrients: attention to nutrition and to animal welfare is extreme.

Today, as then, each phase is followed respecting Mother Nature 's times.

Cultivation, breeding, distribution: a very short and sustainable supply chain that guarantees absolute transparency and traceability of the highest quality product which, in just a few steps, arrives from the breeder directly to your table.

All the 100% Italian cuts of meat you find in the shop come from cattle born and raised on our farm.

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Agr. Az. Facchinetti Eliseo

The Azienda Agricola Facchinetti Eliseo is a family-run business located in the countryside surrounding Treviglio .

His family has been raising Charolaise cattle for several generations: Eliseo and his son Davide raise cattle respecting peasant traditions and respecting nature .

They personally take care of all phases of production: from the cultivation of the land that guarantees supplies for their herd, to the attention to nutrition and animal welfare , to the fattening and growth of their animals.

With a short and sustainable supply chain, it ensures absolute transparency and traceability to bring, in just a few steps, the highest quality products directly from its company to your table.

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Agr. Az. Tenca

The Tenca are fantastic : they love their territory with all their hearts and are committed to their work, bringing experience and tradition into play, to make a difference every day.

Founded on February 11, 1957 by brothers Antonio , Luigi and Enzo Tenca , this agricultural company maintains a family imprint managed today by children and grandchildren.

Dedicating itself to pig breeding in a traditional way , the company takes care of every phase, from the cultivation of GMO Free cereals, to the slaughter and preparation of the final cured meats.

Their products, free of chemical preservatives , stand out for their quality.

With extensive experience in the production of cereals, including corn, barley, wheat and GMO-free soya, the company ensures an excellent food supply for pigs.

The Tenca family carefully selects the best seeds at the beginning of each season, working the land with a balanced water/nutrient ratio and using natural and organic fertilizer to reduce the use of chemical fertilizers.

Agricola Tenca stands out for the traceability and authenticity of its products, cultivating , breeding and directly and personally processing the meat of its pigs in a closed cycle , from birth to slaughter .

This artisanal approach translates into excellent cured meats, characterized by authenticity , taste , aroma , color , fragrance and flavor . The choice not to use chemical preservatives demonstrates the company's commitment to preserving the authentic flavors and culinary traditions of the past.

As the Tenca say, theirs are genuine products that tell of the " flavors and knowledge of the past ".

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Quattro Portoni dairy

The Quattro Portoni dairy is located in an ancient and beautiful farmhouse on the borders of the Serio River Park , in Cologno where the Gritti family works with passion.

This family has combined the age-old dairy tradition with the innovation of using buffalo milk to personally produce exceptional cheeses .

From its origins as a farmer of agricultural land in the 1950s and 1960s to its recent turning point in 2000, when it embraced the breeding of Mediterranean buffaloes for the production of unique cheeses, Quattro Portoni has always maintained a propensity for innovation, l ' attachment to the Bergamo area and loyalty to tradition.

With a herd of 1000 Mediterranean buffaloes , the farm is led by Alfio Gritti , a highly experienced partner and veterinarian . The buffaloes follow a controlled diet and peaceful milking takes place in a peaceful environment .

All the steps take place inside the farmhouse: the milking room is directly connected to the dairy.

Thanks to a timely organization of the processes, carried out by the master cheesemakers, they produce around 15 different types of buffalo cheese . Rigorous control over raw materials and processes , with chemical and organic analyzes in accredited laboratories , guarantees the high quality of each product.

At Quattro Portoni they work just like they used to: they grow fodder, raise cattle and transform the raw material into genuine products .

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Agr. Az. Della Venza

Riccardo Loioli Spuri Nisi began the DellaVenza agricultural company in 2017 , on the land of Gianmario (his wife's grandfather). His family-run organic farm is located in Cerreto d'Esi , in the Marche region , in the shadow of Monte San Vicino. The company cultivates 30 hectares of organic land , raises organic pigs and bees .

On his organic farm, he has 60 heads of Cinta Senese breed pig crosses and descendants of Duroc , Cinta Senese and Large White crosses; the animals live free and there are no cages on the farm. Reproduction occurs naturally , as does farrowing, keeping the sows free. The piglets are born in equipped stables (and, sometimes, even on pasture!) and are raised according to the rhythms of nature , without pushes and without artificial food supplements. Piglets are weaned after 40-45 days of life.

All the pigs are raised outdoors in a semi-wild state without the use of antibiotics , free to root in the undergrowth of the hills, enjoying acorns , berries and roots .

In addition to pasture feeding, his pigs also feed on organic cereals that are grown on his farm, without GMOs . The animals are slaughtered no earlier than 16 months of age , this guarantees a bright color of the meat and a white, compact lard with an intense flavour.

The products are processed in the company to produce cured meats with Ccpb organic certification and are transformed in its company laboratory with the exclusive use of natural organic ingredients (salt, pepper, garlic, natural flavourings, wine), respecting the manufacturing process dictated by tradition .

The recently built laboratory is equipped with the CE mark , which guarantees a safe manufacturing process with the highest standards of controls from a hygienic and health point of view.

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Agr. Az. Bordona

A small organic company , certified organic. Agri. Cert from Soil and Health for the entire production process.

The Bordona organic farm respects a short closed-cycle supply chain in which the reproduction of the animals still occurs naturally and the calves are born and grow breast-fed by their mothers until weaning, the cattle are free to rest in the stable or go out into the open spaces outdoors together with the grazing cows.

The feed of these Italian cattle is certified organic , mainly composed of hay and cereals grown in the 128 hectares of company land and, in the warm seasons, the feed of the Limousine breed cattle is grass fed , as it takes place on pasture where animals are free to eat grass for at least 5 months of the year.

The extreme care for animal welfare has earned the company official recognition as ethical breeding .

Agr. Az. Lock

Antonella Viola started the business of the Azienda Agricola Ciocca Antonio in 1991 , located in Treviglio , Lombardy .

In collaboration with her husband Ciocca Antonio , she dedicates herself to the breeding of dairy cows born and raised within the family business. They personally cultivate the fields to produce the fodder that feeds the animals and use part of the milk produced for the production of various raw milk cheeses , all elaborated and transformed on the farm without the addition of preservatives or additives .

The cows' diet consists of hay from wild meadows , cereals and freshly cut grass in spring and autumn. This approach significantly reduces diseases in animals, contributes to their longevity and ensures the production of excellent quality raw milk .

The farm was featured in the guide "Shopping with Slow Food ", attesting to its commitment to sustainable and high-quality production .

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Agr. Az. Us and Nature

Cesare and Pierangela started their family-run organic farm in 1995 , in the Cremonese countryside. They have applied the organic method from the beginning, following a philosophy based on collaboration with nature, raising chickens in a natural and balanced way, respecting animal welfare and with great attention to biodiversity . The entire production is ICEA certified organic with AIAB guarantee.

This reality is a short, closed-cycle supply chain , in which the family follows each stage : day-old chicks are cared for in an environment as similar as possible to a nursery until they are one month old. After this period, the chickens are raised on the ground and are free to roam in the pasture between meadows, fruit trees, in the shade of oaks and locust trees.

The free-range chickens' feed is entirely composed of cereal grains from the organic crops of the family farm, stored in silos, ground and mixed daily so that the natural aroma is transferred to the meat.

Free-range chickens , quality nutrition and decades of experience ensure quality products : firm and tasty chicken meat, which maintains volume and tenderness when cooked.

Agr. Az. Ca' Negra

The Ca' Negra Agricultural Company has a long history in agriculture, dating back to 1939 . Over the years, they have specialized in bovine livestock farming , distinguishing themselves for their attention to innovation and research . Already in the 1960s, they introduced the first slatted stables and diversified the meat breeds.

The initial idea for the Wagyu project was born in the 1990s . In 2009 , after years of commitment, the first Japanese calves were born.

Since then, they have steadily expanded their herd, reaching a population of 50 pure Wagyu animals in 2016. They continue to invest in this direction to meet the growing demand for Wagyu products.

The company is certified with the "Quality Verified" brand by the Veneto Region . They have also registered the brand 'WAGYU CA' NEGRA – VENEZIA' at European level and are proud to be part of the Australian Wagyu Association and the American Wagyu Association since 2010 .

They fully support animal welfare and are committed to minimizing environmental stress situations, as they believe that a calm environment positively influences animal welfare.