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Recipes / carne di manzo


Cannelloni stuffed with meat

A journey into the heart of Italian stuffed pasta, let's find out everything about stuffed meat cannelloni.
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4 quick recipes with beef

Want something good but also quick to prepare? Here are the quick recipes just a click away!
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Bio buono

Stew with vegetables

Here's how to prepare an excellent and tasty beef stew accompanied by good seasonal vegetables from the garden
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Recipes with beef heart : ideas from the world

Cut of meat that is part of offal but - often - undervalued in our kitchens. Let's discover these two tasty recipes.

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Organic roast beef in the oven with spices: quick and tasty

The baked organic beef recipe is a delicious preparation to serve for special occasions or accompany meals during the week.
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Beef pocket stuffed with eggs, herbs and ham

Spinach, beef nut or stuffed pocket, whatever you call it, stuffed meat always provides tasty, imaginative dishes.
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Roasted brisket with potatoes

A cooking method that we all love and in all sauces, roast meat! Today we see the tasty recipe with brisket
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The New York style pastrami recipe

The brisket, aka beef brisket, is transformed into a fragrant roast and a tasty filling for a world-famous sandwich: pastrami.
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Summer beef wrap

The beef wrap or piadina with beef is a dish that comes to us from distant Latin America but which we can recreate at home while having fun in the kitchen.
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Limited edition

Old cow rib with onions

A prime rib of old cow, some onions, paprika and you're done.
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Made in Italy

Pizzaiola meat: Italian flavour

Tomato, basil, garlic and oregano: the perfect base for a pizza or marinara meat. A super Italian and delicious recipe.
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Piatto unico

Roast spinach recipe with potatoes

A recipe with beef spinach that is easy to prepare and perfect to please all diners with simple and delicate flavours.
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