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Alla siciliana

Schnitzel in Palermo

They call it the cutlet in Palermo, or the Palermo cutlet, in any case the name evokes mouth watering. It seems like a rich, fragrant and colorful dish, what are its other characteristics?

Palermo cutlet

Cotoletta in Palermo is a typical dish , although for many cotoletta is synonymous with Milan.

This second course is the result of the Sicilian tradition and is characterized by a breading rich in color and flavour . Alternatives can veer towards the addition of other ingredients such as spices to increase the aroma or citrus juice to tie the dish even more to the products of the Sicilian land.

Nonetheless, the simple version without additions is very tasty and particular: egg banned, instead the use of oil, cheese and various flavorings is preferred.

Bovì recommends veal cutlets as they are characterized by the softness and juiciness of the meat. The choice to prefer genuine foods is one of the main characteristics of Bovì, which makes respect for animals its main flag.

The Palermo cutlet

Sharpen your wits, imagine the dish and get to work!



Use a deep plate and pour in: grated bread , pecorino , garlic and parsley , mix to create a homogeneous mixture. Wet the Bovì veal cutlets with a few drops of olive oil and pass them in the previously prepared mixture.

Place a large, non-stick pan on the heat and heat the olive oil with a few sage leaves . Brown the cutlets and then place them on a sheet of absorbent paper to remove excess oil.

Serve hot after sprinkling with a little Maldon salt .

The scenic effect is guaranteed, the flavor guaranteed, the scent delicious... Bon Appetit!