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Recipes / ricette regionali

La ricetta della pasta all’amatriciana

The recipe for pasta all'amatriciana

Here is the right and wrong version of this cornerstone of Italian cuisine.

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La minestra maritata: una ricetta di recupero

Maritata soup: a recovery recipe

A recipe from the Neapolitan tradition revisited in a Lombard key (only in the type of ingredients) for a unique taste
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Pavese soup recipe

A gastronomic journey in Lombardy in a poor dish, born out of necessity but which does not disdain the taste of tradition.
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Ossobuco with sauce or Florentine style recipe

Let's discover the recipes for shanks from Italy and prepare a tasty version with tomato sauce.
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Carbonara Day

The wrong pasta carbonara

To honor Carbonara day, we want to create the imperfect, but full of flavor, dish that we have all prepared at least once in our lives.

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Recovery recipe: Piccapò boiled meat

Roman cuisine is one of the oldest Italian culinary traditions. Let's find out how to create a tasty boiled meat.
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The recipe for Bergamo panada

From the peasant tradition, a simple but super tasty single dish. Here is the quick and delicious pancotto recipe
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Cappelletti recipe in meat broth

The tour of Italy among typical beef-based dishes tells of the union with fresh pasta

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The recipe for fregola in broth

The regional recipes born from peasant culture know how to amaze with traditional and perfect tastes. Let's discover this Sardinian must.
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Organic beef stew with bacon

Beef stew or braised beef? The difference is only in the name but the taste of organic meat cooked for a long time remains the same
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The Umbrian stew: the fricco from Gubbio

A tasty regional recipe sister to the meat stew but with excellent chicken meat and lots of love.

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Genuine agnolotti in broth

Our classic regional recipes are back with the genuine ingredients that you can find in our shop
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