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Recipes / formaggio DOP


Cold pasta with vegetables and cheeses

Let's discover together the many varieties of cold pasta in summer and the recipe to delight your palate with a light and tasty dish.

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Cheese lover

Summer recipes: savory cheese and potato pie

Who said you can't make savory pies in summer? Just remove heavy ingredients and add cheese!

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I <strong>tomini</strong> di formaggio con speck

Cheese tomini with speck

Simplicity and amazing taste, this is what cheese tomini wrapped in speck and cooked in a pan are: nothing else to say!
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The recipe for Bergamo panada

From the peasant tradition, a simple but super tasty single dish. Here is the quick and delicious pancotto recipe
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Valle DOP

2 tasty recipes with Strachitunt DOP cheese

Strachitunt DOP is a delicious Bergamo cheese from Val Taleggio: here are two delicious recipes to enjoy it at its best.
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