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Recipes / Pollo ruspante


The easy grilled chicken recipe

A classic dish that can be prepared in many different ways. Its ability to adapt to various tastes and preferences makes it an ideal choice for family meals.
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The Umbrian stew: the fricco from Gubbio

A tasty regional recipe sister to the meat stew but with excellent chicken meat and lots of love.

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Chicken, green bean and ham rolls

Sliced ​​chicken breast is the starting point for delicious and particular recipes, here's how to create an enviable single dish!
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Tasty beer chicken

The beer chicken recipe is perfect for bringing a tasty second course to the table, perfect for any occasion. Let's see how to prepare it.
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Tutto pollo

Sour chicken thighs recipe

Free-range sour chicken thighs are a delicious second course with sweet and sour notes. In simplicity you discover a dish with an exotic and local aroma at the same time.
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Sapore orientale

How to cook chicken

Chicken meat is loved by everyone for its simplicity and for the thousand ways in which we can use chicken breast to create quick and delicious recipes with very few ingredients.
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