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Recipes / Ricette di manzo

Ricette di tacos con carne: abbinamenti e idee gustose

Taco recipes with meat: tasty combinations and ideas

The practicality and super modular taste of tacos with meat appeals to everyone and makes them perfect for barbecues with friends

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All meatballs : recipes and kitchen tricks

Here are 8 delicious and easy to prepare meatball recipes: meatballs with leftovers, gourmet meatballs or light meatballs, in short, you'll be spoiled for choice.

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Dal team

Stew with peas by Mirko

A recipe prepared by our Mirko and enjoyed with pleasure: how could we not propose it again in the Genuino blog!
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Ossobuco with sauce or Florentine style recipe

Let's discover the recipes for shanks from Italy and prepare a tasty version with tomato sauce.
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Kids 2

2 recipes with meat for children

The mini guide on the best meat recipes for children continues!
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3 meat recipes for children

Let's discover tasty, nutritious and easy-to-prepare recipes for children together.

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4 quick recipes with beef

Want something good but also quick to prepare? Here are the quick recipes just a click away!
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Tacos de Arrachera : from Mexico with love

What happens if we combine Mexican cuisine with Italian meat? You create super amazing tacos with the diaphragm!
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Beef tartare with tahina mayonnaise

Fresh summer dish and more, thanks to this sauce with a toasted aroma the tartare will never be the same again!

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Recipes with beef fillet medallions

Ready for an exceptional dining experience? Let's find out more about how to cook fillet medallions.

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Bio buono

Stew with vegetables

Here's how to prepare an excellent and tasty beef stew accompanied by good seasonal vegetables from the garden
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Con frutta secca

Oriental style ossobuco and plums

Combining meat and dried fruit may seem like a gamble, but if you play with the quantities to achieve the right balance, you create a spectacle that reminds us of the Middle East.
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