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Recipes / ricetta con manzo


Meat and mushrooms? Yes chef!

A classic combination that fills the house with a delicious scent: autumn traditions offer us many culinary ideas.
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Sliced ​​beef with teriyaki sauce and vegetables

Sliced ​​beef is the perfect way to enjoy the true flavor of meat, but if we add a reduction of the famous oriental sauce the result will be very tasty.
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Beef strips with mushrooms and vegetables

A quick recipe with beef that manages to amaze both in the hot and cold seasons: strips of beef with vegetables
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Beef Hammer

The beef shank : two tasty versions

Beef shank, cut for ossi bucco or Hammer Steak: a thousand names and preparations for a divine cut of meat.
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3 meat recipes with mushrooms

There are so many recipes with fresh Italian meat; whether grilled, scalloped or carpaccio, one ingredient goes perfectly with all cuts: mushrooms.
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No spreco

3 recipes with leftover already cooked meat

What to do when you have leftover cooked meat? There's no need to throw it away because the true meat lover knows how to recycle every cut even if it's already cooked. Let's discover 3 delicious recipes with leftover meat.
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Ricetta estiva

Slurp! Lemon scallops

Let's face it, scallops with lemon are the most loved and appreciated in all of Italy. Tasty and very quick to make, they are the real super light meal saver.
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Vacanza in montagna

Barolo braised meat : the recipe for those who love the mountains

The heat arrives and among the holidaymakers there are also those who love the mountains and decide to escape to cooler temperatures. Here the Barolo braised meat becomes a dish that is not entirely out of place.
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3 idee per

Aperitifs with meat

Meat also becomes the undisputed protagonist of appetizers: beautiful to look at and good to eat... Here are some tasty ideas to start with the right dish!
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Sapori europei

Two foreign recipes with minced meat

There are many recipes around the world for using minced meat. Let's discover two delicious recipes to indulge in and create refined dishes to explore all the cuisines of the world
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Poliedrica e buonissima

Italian recipes with minced meat

In Italy there are a thousand recipes and ways to use minced meat to indulge in creating unique traditional dishes and find their way onto all the tables of the peninsula. Let's discover three tasty recipes.
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Per tutti i gusti

Three recipes of "Grandma's Meatballs "

Fried, pan-fried, with sauce or baked: everyone likes meatballs! Each region and each house has its own recipe and their versatility is surprising. Let's discover three tasty recipes together.
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