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Recipes / carne di maiale


Milk pork loin recipe

An explosion of flavours: the milk pork loin recipe that you absolutely must try
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Spaghetti carbonara

Carbonara is not just a recipe, but a culinary experience that takes you directly to Italy, even if you are on the other side of the world.

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Alsatian dish with pork and sauerkraut

Discover the delicious culinary tradition of Alsace with this simple but tasty pork with sauerkraut recipe.
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Beer-baked pork chops

Tasty, multifaceted and perfect for the colder season: pork really knows how to offer unique dishes that combine tradition and innovation with a pinch of imagination

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Autumn recipes: pork with chestnuts and apples

Pork is good in every season, if in summer it finds its dimension in the mixed grill, among the quick autumn recipes it occupies the space of a roast: good, tasty and fragrant
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Baked pork : the clever recipe

Between a parcel and a roll with pork but without seasoning. Here's how to amaze your guests.

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Caldo o freddo

Roast Beef and sauces: the winning combination

The succulent roast beef recipe with some tasty combinations and sauces to create a perfect dish!
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Pork belly

Pork belly on the BBQ Asian version

Pork belly is an ingredient that is used all over the world: here is the recipe that meets American BBQ and Asia!
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Ricetta bbq

Pork Belly : a rustic and gourmet cut

Among the many recipes featuring diced pork belly or in the typical bacon shape, let's discover the one that honors this tasty cut: BBQ pork belly.
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Ricetta BBQ

Grilled stuffed pork loin

A tasty grilled pork roast ready in less than 2 hours: let's discover the secrets of BBQ loin.
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Pork verzini recipe with red beer

The small and tasty green salamis, but we knew that! Multifaceted and perfect for many recipes with pork! Here's an easy one.
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Tutto Porchetta : here is the homemade recipe

Porchetta is one of the most delicious dishes of central Italy, here is an easy and traditional recipe.
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