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Recipes / ricette barbecue

Ricette di tacos con carne: abbinamenti e idee gustose

Taco recipes with meat: tasty combinations and ideas

The practicality and super modular taste of tacos with meat appeals to everyone and makes them perfect for barbecues with friends

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Tacos de Arrachera : from Mexico with love

What happens if we combine Mexican cuisine with Italian meat? You create super amazing tacos with the diaphragm!
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Flat Iron Steak

Barbecue Priest Hat: From America with Love

Flat iron steak, priest's hat, shoulder meat or vein roast: a thousand names for a multifaceted and tasty cut of meat. Let's discover the recipe at the barbecue overseas.
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Ricetta bbq

Pork Belly : a rustic and gourmet cut

Among the many recipes featuring diced pork belly or in the typical bacon shape, let's discover the one that honors this tasty cut: BBQ pork belly.
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Texas BBQ

The BBQ beef brisket recipe

Barbecue beef brisket is a recipe to be made with surgical precision and maximum attention. Here's our version.
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BBQ light

Barbecue chicken skewers: light and tasty

Time for barbecues and lots of meat on the fire, but there is always someone who thinks about the line so here's the news for 2022: chicken skewers!
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