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Recipes / ossobuco


Ossobuco with sauce or Florentine style recipe

Let's discover the recipes for shanks from Italy and prepare a tasty version with tomato sauce.
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La ricetta milanese

The ÒS BÜÜS : second course or main course?

The strictly yellow rice embraces the tradition that the Milanese osso buco respects. Easy to prepare, good to eat, it manages to please everyone without overdoing it.
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Intramontabile classico

Ossobuco with peas

Ossobuco with peas is among the classics of Lombard regional cuisine and, despite its advanced age, represents a dish rich in flavor
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Milanese risotto with ossobuco

A classic of Lombard cuisine and Milanese culture whose protagonist is the strong and well-defined flavor of osso buco.
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Con frutta secca

Oriental style ossobuco and plums

Combining meat and dried fruit may seem like a gamble, but if you play with the quantities to achieve the right balance, you create a spectacle that reminds us of the Middle East.
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