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Recipes / pollo


Spanish garlic chicken

An explosion of Mediterranean flavors personally experienced by us too!
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Organic chicken meatballs in the air fryer

Chicken Meat and the Air Fryer: Space Combo or Impending Disaster? Here is the recipe, you need to try it and then judge
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Chicken, green bean and ham rolls

Sliced ​​chicken breast is the starting point for delicious and particular recipes, here's how to create an enviable single dish!
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The chicken with tuna recipe

Among the many recipes with chicken meat, one stands out for its lightness and that taste that reminds us of lunches on festive days: chicken with tuna sauce is here to amaze you!
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Air fryer chicken nuggets

How can you say no to chicken nuggets made in a healthier way than the classic pan recipe? Simple, with the air fryer!
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Salad with chicken breast and lentils

A fresh, gourmet and summery chicken breast salad. A dish suitable for everyone with good Italian chicken breast and genuine ingredients.
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Tasty beer chicken

The beer chicken recipe is perfect for bringing a tasty second course to the table, perfect for any occasion. Let's see how to prepare it.
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Tutto pollo

How to make rotisserie chicken at home and on the BBQ

If you also love the irresistible taste of roast chicken, here is the recipe to recreate this rotisserie dish at home.
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Sweet and sour chicken wings: balance and in between!

An international recipe with a unique flavor and easy to combine with meat sauces.
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Tutto pollo

Sour chicken thighs recipe

Free-range sour chicken thighs are a delicious second course with sweet and sour notes. In simplicity you discover a dish with an exotic and local aroma at the same time.
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Asian style

Oriental chicken recipe

A recipe with chicken meat that smells of the East, easy to prepare and perfect for any occasion: from a romantic dinner to a lunch with friends in true Asian style.
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Indian style

Curry chicken nuggets recipe

Chicken curry is a very spicy dish typical of Indian cuisine. Chicken nuggets, a fragrant marinade and an irresistible cream! Let's discover the recipe.
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