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Recipes / ricette autunnali

Risotto zucca e salsiccia con il Bimby

Pumpkin and sausage risotto with the Thermomix

Here is the union of a classic recipe with the modernity of the Thermomix's "all in one" cooking
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Pavese soup recipe

A gastronomic journey in Lombardy in a poor dish, born out of necessity but which does not disdain the taste of tradition.
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The recipe for soup with pumpkin, chicken and mushrooms

A true autumn comfort food recipe that includes the best seasonal ingredients! Let's prepare it together.
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Stuffed peppers with rice, sausage, pumpkin and taleggio cheese

An autumn recipe which, with a touch of sympathy, is perfect for Halloween night. Oven-baked stuffed peppers with rice, sausage, pumpkin and taleggio are here to conquer palates and entertain on the scariest night of the year.
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Dal team

Stew with peas by Mirko

A recipe prepared by our Mirko and enjoyed with pleasure: how could we not propose it again in the Genuino blog!
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Pumpkin and meat meatballs recipe

W the meatballs and w the pumpkin! If we add the queen of autumn and organic meat to the meatballs, the partnership will be spectacular.
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The recipe for fregola in broth

The regional recipes born from peasant culture know how to amaze with traditional and perfect tastes. Let's discover this Sardinian must.
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Organic beef stew with bacon

Beef stew or braised beef? The difference is only in the name but the taste of organic meat cooked for a long time remains the same
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Meat and mushrooms? Yes chef!

A classic combination that fills the house with a delicious scent: autumn traditions offer us many culinary ideas.
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Autumn recipes: pork with chestnuts and apples

Pork is good in every season, if in summer it finds its dimension in the mixed grill, among the quick autumn recipes it occupies the space of a roast: good, tasty and fragrant
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Autumn burger with organic meat

A burger with a super tasty autumnal flavor thanks to some organic meat burgers and a few slices of pumpkin.
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Tasty pumpkin scallops

A dish that embodies the flavor of autumn par excellence: pumpkin. Let's discover this super quick and colorful recipe.
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