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Tutto pollo

Sour chicken thighs recipe

Local sour chicken thighs: the East meets peasant cuisine

Chest or thigh? Baked chicken or curry chicken breast? If when it comes to chicken meat the choice between the many recipes and the many cuts of chicken meat always falls on the thighs - due to the simplicity in taste and preparation - you really have to try this recipe!

Free-range sour chicken thighs are a delicious second course with an unusual flavour, thanks to a mix of ingredients with sweet and sour notes, such as lime and ginger, you discover a dish with an exotic yet home-grown aroma at the same time. The final dish will not disappoint your expectations and those of your guests, the chicken legs will be crispy on the outside and very tender on the inside, with a delicious aromatic and fragrant sauce. The ingredients are simple, genuine and 100% Italian meat which you can purchase conveniently from our online butcher's shop. Let's find out how to prepare the recipe.

Ingredients of sour chicken thighs


Take the free-range chicken legs, wash them under running water and make sure there are no feather residues; if so, just burn them on a low flame. Take and season the chicken in a saucepan with salt, pepper, honey, lemon juice, lime juice and a mixture prepared with rosemary, bay leaves and sage. Leave to marinate for a few minutes.

In an ovenproof dish, put some oil - if you like chilli pepper -, place the legs with the marinating liquid and sprinkle them with grated ginger. Place in the oven, previously heated to 200°C. When the thighs are golden brown, pierce the skin to release the fat.

Halfway through cooking, add the meat broth and the remaining lemon juice. Finish cooking by turning the legs from time to time, remove the aromas and serve it by sprinkling it with the cooking juices, adding fresh parsley and cherry tomatoes. An exotic and local goodness.