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Organic chicken meatballs in the air fryer

Chicken meatballs and the air fryer: a valid ally?

The air fryer permanently replaces the oven - static and ventilated -, microwave oven, grill, pots, pans, pans and frying pan. Will it be true?

Whoever owns it states this with absolute certainty, combining the idea that with the air fryer, beef, pork, vegetables and any - almost - other thing can be cooked to perfection in totally fit mode. In short, it seems that the instrument, so praised by many, has become a "never again without" of Italian cuisine.

Curiosity therefore becomes a valid ally to test your skills and discover a new cooking method.

Dietary recipes yes, but with the right ones! So what? Where can we start? There is a recipe with chicken meat which - in whatever version it is presented - is tasty, appetizing, tasty and perfect for everyone: we are talking about Meatballs.

We thought of two versions; a longer one which involves grinding the chicken breast and a super quick one thanks to the new ready-made organic chicken meatballs!

Organic chicken meatballs

Organic free-range chicken meat hides unique characteristics that begin with a sublime flavor and develop around a truly unique taste sensation.

Choosing this type of meat means winking at multiple factors at the same time:

  • Animal welfare
  • Biological agriculture
  • Respect for the environment

The three characteristics which are just some of the benefits that derive from the conscious choice of foods to put on the table. Free-range chicken meat is a quick and easy recipe which, combined with the air fryer, also becomes healthy and FIT.

Ingredients for free-range chicken meatballs

Preferring healthy and genuine ingredients is a valid starting point that offers many pluses in terms of overall taste.

  • 400 g of organic chicken breast
  • or 300g of Genuine organic meatballs
  • 1 egg
  • 1 sandwich - just the crumbs
  • 80 g of grated cheese
  • salt to taste, garlic powder, black pepper

Method for free-range chicken meatballs

If we don't have chicken meatballs ready.

We grind the chicken breast or use chicken mince. Soak the breadcrumbs in a little water. In a bowl, combine all the ingredients and mix until you obtain a homogeneous and compact dough.

With your cupped hands, scoop out some of the mixture and create small balls ready for cooking.

If we have chicken meatballs ready.

Depending on your air fryer model, you need to line the bottom with a little baking paper and proceed with cooking.

Unfortunately, there are different versions that include the cooking time and type, so you need to refer to the instructions for cooking chicken meat given in the manual. As a general rule, air fryer chicken meatballs require a minimum of 20 minutes of cooking at around 180°.

The result will be a whirlwind of lightness and flavor thanks to the naturalness of the ingredients and super light cooking. If combined with a good mixed salad or a side dish of your choice, everyone will really like them!

Revolutionary cooking, a definitive answer

The test is represented by the choice to propose a versatile dish and to be able to compare the different cooking methods. The meatballs are suitable for use in different types of cooking: in the oven, in the pan and in the air fryer.

Even beef accepts - willingly - superfit cooking: roasts, entrecote and stews are some of the many possibilities. Battered vegetables, legumes, desserts are the natural consequences of a complete and fit lunch.

If you need to test yourself in order to judge wisely, the first choice falls on the ingredients you want to test. Preferring ingredients from reliable sources such as organic farming proves to be a perfect starting point and step forward to find a new balance in the line and at the table.