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Spanish garlic chicken

Spanish cuisine

Spanish cuisine is renowned throughout the world for its variety of flavours, colors and culinary traditions. Among Spain's most beloved and iconic dishes, garlic chicken stands out for its simplicity and the intense Mediterranean flavor it manages to convey.

Prepared with basic ingredients but rich in aromas, this dish fully represents the soul of Spanish and Mediterranean cuisine.

The garlic chicken and the tapas

Among the many cuts of meat that we can find in tasty tapas recipes, garlic chicken is often present among the famous Spanish tapas, which are small appetizers or appetizers that are enjoyed together with a fresh cerveza.

This dish is perfect to accompany a glass of wine or a cold beer during an evening with friends on the Ramblas.

Tapas is a social experience, along with beef, prawns or pork, garlic chicken fits perfectly into this tradition, thanks to its ease of sharing and delicious flavour.

Spanish garlic chicken recipe

Now, let's dive into the recipe for Spanish garlic chicken that is becoming popular on the web - and that we have personally tried in person -. This simple and tasty recipe requires few ingredients but guarantees a dish full of flavour: remember to prepare it in a fairly large pot.

Garlic chicken ingredients for about 4 people

  • 1 whole free-range chicken cut into pieces (or 4 drumsticks and 4 chicken legs)
  • 10 crushed garlic cloves
  • 1 organic lemon
  • Dry white wine to deglaze
  • Extra virgin olive oil to taste
  • Freshly ground salt and black pepper
  • Thyme or rosemary (to taste)
  • Chopped fresh parsley for garnish


In a large skillet, heat a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil over medium-high heat. Squeeze the juice of half a lemon onto the chicken and add the crushed but unpeeled garlic cloves. Keep them up to prevent them from burning and the oil from taking on a good flavour.

Now remove the garlic cloves but do not throw them away (keep them aside for later). Add the chicken pieces you have chosen to the pan and brown them for a few minutes over high heat on both sides until they are golden.

Some cooking juices will be created, try to carefully remove a little of the liquid and let it absorb, then blend with the white wine. During cooking, turn the chicken pieces occasionally to ensure even cooking and to allow the flavors to diffuse.

Return the garlic cloves to the pot and reduce the heat to medium-low and cover the pan with a lid. Cook the chicken for about 25-30 minutes or until cooked through and juicy.

If it dries out, add a small ladle of hot water. Once cooked, transfer the chicken to a serving dish and squeeze the juice of half a lemon onto the meat to taste.

Sprinkle the chicken with chopped fresh parsley and season with salt and freshly ground black pepper.

Serve the Spanish garlic chicken hot and enjoy with a side of crispy baked potatoes or a fresh mixed salad. This dish goes perfectly with a variety of accompaniments and allows you to create a balanced and tasty meal.

Chicken in all sauces

Spanish garlic chicken is a real pleasure for the palate. The combination of aromatic garlic, fresh lemon juice and olive oil gives the chicken a light yet flavorful marinade. Cooking over medium-low heat allows the chicken to remain soft with a juicy cream, while the garlic softens and develops a delicate and fragrant flavour.

This recipe is a great way to experience Spanish cuisine right in your home. You can accompany the garlic chicken with a selection of Spanish tapas, such as potato bravas, fried calamari or croquetas, to create a complete meal that will delight your guests.

And if you are looking for an authentic culinary experience, we recommend using high-quality ingredients, such as fresh and juicy organic chicken, good quality extra virgin olive oil and fresh, fragrant lemons. These little details will make all the difference in the end result of your Spanish garlic chicken.

In conclusion, Spanish garlic chicken is a simple dish but full of flavor, which perfectly represents Spanish cuisine. With its Mediterranean flavors and ease of preparation, it is an excellent choice for a lunch or dinner that will satisfy all palates. Try this delicious recipe and be transported to Spain with every bite. Good try!