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Chicken, green bean and ham rolls

Fantasy in the kitchen: recipes with chicken meat

Free-range chicken meat - better, but the common version is also fine - is the most dietary thing there can be. After all, almost all low-fat diets choose to offer chicken or turkey as trusted allies for a healthy, balanced and controlled diet.

The next step is to add vegetables. We need to try to go beyond the classic chicken breast and salad or tomatoes. Here's how to cook chicken breast in an alternative and fun way by choosing to add green beans and create appetizing and cheerful rolls: color is the first element that arouses curiosity, followed closely by a sublime flavor and chicken meat that fully respects his being healthy.

The recipe for chicken and green bean rolls

The desire to keep the figure that has been laboriously achieved intact becomes the starting point for bringing cuts of meat with lemon-flavoured chicken breast to the table but, if you want the obligatory restrictions imposed by the diet, you want the desire to cheat that never more than during a diet invades us that...good resolutions are canceled or postponed. You need imagination, a little application and you're done! The dish is ready! Green bean rolls combine two dietary essentials: lean meat protein and vegetables.

Ingredients for 4 people

  • 500 g sliced ​​chicken breast (about 8)
  • 500 g yellow-fleshed potatoes
  • 100 g fresh green beans
  • 30 g spicy mustard
  • 70 g of raw ham or speck - the same number as the slices of meat
  • 1 jar of natural Greek yogurt
  • 2 tablespoons of milk
  • salt and EVO oil to taste
  • chives and pepper to taste

Chicken rolls procedure

Boil the potatoes for 20 minutes and, at the end, let them cool, peel them and place them in a bowl, cut into chunks, add the Greek yogurt and chives, mix to create a creamy mixture, season with salt and black pepper and cover with cling film transparent. Place in the refrigerator until ready.

Trim the green beans and blanch for 10 minutes, so as to make them softer, leave to cool and flatten them on a work surface. Arrange the slices of meat on the work surface, add the green beans and brush with the spicy mustard, add the raw ham and roll the meat on itself to create the rolls.

Insert two toothpicks per roll to ensure that they do not fall apart during cooking. Heat the EVO oil in a pan and cook the skewers halfway through cooking.

Pour the cooking juices from the rolls into an oven-proof dish and complete cooking at 180°C. If necessary, add milk to keep the meat soft and create the sauce. Serve with potatoes seasoned with yogurt sauce.

Recipes with meat for dinner

The proposed rolls lend themselves to many variations on the theme: use beef, choose to create a different side dish, perhaps based on carrots and courgettes, or replace the raw ham with another sausage. There are so many variations, what counts is the inventiveness, the starting idea that transforms the recipe into something simple and at the same time delicious, particular and refined.

The desire to apply yourself in the kitchen becomes a perfect starting point for creating unique and particular dishes, without necessarily using unknown or excessively complex ingredients to use. Often, it is the simplicity of the ingredients that turns into real added value. The objective of Carne online Genuina and of many online butchers is the desire to convey the flavors of tradition through the hint of simplicity which, as in the recipe, becomes a real plus!