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Cooking guide / salumi


10+ ideas for sandwiches with cured meats : simplicity and taste

Who doesn't love sandwiches? Whether for convenience or for a simple taste that tastes like home, sandwiches with cured meats really conquer everyone.
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Why have cured meats become fluorescent?

This reveals the mystery of why some slices of cured meats become iridescent when cut.
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Fresh pork coppa or seasoned coppa?

Fresh cup of pork and it's straight away: Hamlet, get up! Now you need to choose and dispel all the dilemmas, here's all you need to know.
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Salumi e non

The thousand faces of capocollo

Capocollo, from Calabria to overseas: curiosities about this particular cut of pork.
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Pt 2

The varieties of salami : an Italian journey

The journey continues through the flavors and aromas of Italian salamis envied throughout the world. Here are the Venetian, Tuscan and Emilian salamis.
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Mortadella, pancetta and porchetta: differences and curiosities

The cold cuts platter dresses up and hosts 3 preparations derived from pork, let's get to know them better!
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Filiera autoctona

Calabrian black pig cured meats: rustic tradition

Cured meats born from an indigenous supply chain, when taste meets tradition: this is what we get from the black pig of Calabria.
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Charcuterie platter: the Christmas appetizer in addition to the classics

Cold cuts during holiday feasts satisfy every guest, here are some tips for a family-proof cutting board!
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Salumi italiani DOP

Mortadella : tasty combinations and recipes

Pink colour, very fragrant, with a little fat, pistachio and without... There is always a good reason to use it in the kitchen!
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Sausaged , fermented and smoked cured meats

Italian cured meats, beyond the simple taste of reeling off pearls of wisdom between a glass of wine and a slice of salami.
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Italian cooked cured meats

A little journey to discover cooked cured meats. Curiosities and practical advice to enjoy them to the fullest.
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Raw cured meats: do you know them all?

PDO and PGI cured meats create a delicious map of the Bel Paese: here is a little journey through the variations of raw cured meats.
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