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Cooking guide / come cucinare l'arrosto


All the secrets of roast beef

Here are the answers to the most asked questions on the web about roast beef, did you really know them all?
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Roast Q&A!

Here are the most frequently asked questions and answers to master the art of roasting.

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How to tie the roast stuffed limousine fish?

The roast fish hides surprising details that range between a sublime taste and a perfect adaptation to the recipe
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Roast and twine . The couple that wins!

The real cut is the most delicious there is. The recipes range, one element remains unchanged: the binding.
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How do you choose the roast ?

The roast is one of the multifaceted recipes on the Italian scene. Let's order and learn to choose.
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6+1 tricks for the perfect roast

It's easy to say roast beef, but how do you bring a perfectly cooked dish to the table, with an enviable aroma and a sublime flavour? Simple! Read here.
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