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Cooking guide / approfondimento

La Tom e Jerry Steak esiste: la bistecca dei cartoni animati è reale!

La Tom e Jerry Steak esiste: la bistecca dei cartoni animati è reale!

Tom e Jerry Steak è una bistecca iconica scopriamo di più insieme.
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Pasta filled with mints : tortelli from Crema

Here Masterchef Italia is once again making people talk about itself with a very fresh pressure test full of doubts: what filling did the mints go in?

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All the secrets of roast beef

Here are the answers to the most asked questions on the web about roast beef, did you really know them all?
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27 novembre

Salami Day : a taste experience to celebrate

Loved all over the world, in its thousand variations, let's find out more about salami.

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Pt 2

Beef cuts and recipes: find the right one

Here is the second part with the answers to the most frequently asked questions about meat and delicious recipes,
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La dieta <strong>Paleo</strong>: facciamo chiarezza

The Paleo diet: let's clarify

The "ancient" diet that focuses on beef - and more - here's what you need to know!

Image credit: Total Shape Link to homepage: https://totalshape.com/

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10 things to know about roast beef

Roast beef is a versatile dish based on beef, simple to prepare and considered a real comfort food. Let's discover the secrets!

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How to

Sourdough starter tutorial for festive recipes

Before venturing you need to know the fundamentals about sourdough, let's start from here!
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Is there a difference between pork loin and pork loin?

Pork is synonymous with ribs, but there are other cuts that are too often mistreated, let's make order and clarity, let's start with the pork loin and pork loin

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What does it mean to dream of meat?

Dreaming about meat is a very recurring dream which, depending on the details, takes on different meanings. Let's discover them together
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White meat , pink meat, red and black meat what?

The border line that determines the color of meat, a journey between legends and curiosities
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Why have cured meats become fluorescent?

This reveals the mystery of why some slices of cured meats become iridescent when cut.
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