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Cooking guide / dry aging


The chicken is to the broth what the old cow is to the grill

There is a bovine breed of Spanish origins which, in old age, is able to express the best of itself, here is the Italian version
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Dry Aging and curiosity

Dry aging is the ideal practice for enjoying tasty and tasty meat. You need attention and knowing little secrets. Here are the ones .

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Lo sapevi che

10 news on dry-aged meat

Dry-aged meat divides: those who love it and those who hate it, let's discover this process better and rediscover the authentic flavor of a piece of meat with a strong, defined and tasty flavour!
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5 things to know about maturing meat

Only the meat of cattle raised with fresh grass, hay and without antibiotics offers the possibility of opting for long maturation. Let's find out more about maturation.
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Il dry aging

The maturation of the meat

Maturation is a delicate process that allows the meat to mature and achieve an intense and decisive flavour.
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