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Cooking guide / Ricette natalizie


Christmas around the world: South America

Christmas is a celebration that unites people through food, and South America is no exception, here are the dishes most prepared during the holidays.

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10 Christmas first courses

What better way to bring people together than a delicious Christmas meal? Here are some ideas for first courses for the Christmas menu.

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Idee Veloci

3 quick recipes with Parmigiano Reggiano

Oh yes, the holidays recall Italian tastes and imaginative recipes to be created with the ingredients we can find in gastronomic baskets. Here are 3 quick ideas with Parmigiano Reggiano.
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Starters for parties: cheeses and cured meats

Italian cured meats find space on the laid table: small tricks, some tricks and color and taste find the perfect balance!

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9 perfect recipes for Christmas main courses

Among the many dishes that we can present at Christmas, here is a roundup of ideas that come from all over the peninsula for a festive culinary journey dedicated to good food.
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Menù pollo

The Genuine Christmas menu based on chicken

At Christmas I want chicken! The thousand ideas ranging from the appetizer to a perfect, rich, tasty and... mouth-watering second course!
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Box Natale

Capon : Christmas recipes and curiosities

Stuffed capon in jelly is a wonderful way to present something different to friends and relatives this Christmas: let's discover the recipes.
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How to

Sourdough starter tutorial for festive recipes

Before venturing you need to know the fundamentals about sourdough, let's start from here!
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Artisan mustard : tradition and maximum attention

Mostarda is known by many, appreciated by many and prepared by few. Here is his story
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Tutto sulla <strong>bourguignonne</strong>: il nuovo prodotto Genuino

All about bourguignonne : the new Genuino product

Meat fondue is a delicious and very simple dish to prepare: here are rules and tricks of the trade to amaze at little expense!
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8 sauces for Bourguignonne

Bourguignonne is something superlative that combines particular cooking with sublime cubes of meat. The detail? The sauce!
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Charcuterie platter: the Christmas appetizer in addition to the classics

Cold cuts during holiday feasts satisfy every guest, here are some tips for a family-proof cutting board!
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