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Filiera autoctona

Calabrian black pig cured meats: rustic tradition

The black pig of Calabria: a breed as rustic as the earth

The Calabrian territory guarantees perfect conditions for the breeding of Calabrian black pigs which have found the perfect habitat in these environments: bred in the wild and semi-wild state, they are therefore free to naturally complete their food ration, usually consisting of seasonal cereals and vegetables produced by the companies, with herbs and plants found in nature. These animals are bred respecting the times of nature, as was the case in the past: they have longer growth times, in the wild similar to the life of their wild boar cousin.

The Calabrian black pig has always been the primary source of sustenance for Calabrian peasant families due to the quantity of meat it produces and its perfect adaptability to the territory. The Calabrian black pig is easily managed by farmers, it has a rustic nature and raising it in the wild is the best way to respect its very slow growth rates; this guarantees the production of very high quality meat, rich in good unsaturated fats and lean compared to that of the pink pig that we all know.

In the culinary art, the black pig of Calabria is known for producing unique, spicy cured meats with characteristic flavours. Their taste is in fact the result of the semi-wild breeding method and the combination of the environment in which they live, management traditions and genetics of the animals. Furthermore, the fats in pork are not harmful and, in particular, in the meat of black pigs from Calabria we can find a high quantity of vitamin D and E which come from open-air breeding. Once again it is clear that, to bring 100% Italian top quality meat to the table, you need to start from the origins and the breeding method which guarantee the final product organoleptic qualities that can only be achieved thanks to this attention.

Filiera Madeo's Calabrian black pig cured meats

Madeo supply chain, since 1984, is a short, closed-loop, family-run supply chain that produces seasoned cured meats and sausages from Calabrian Black Pigs that are raised in the wild under animal welfare regimes, without antibiotics from birth. Filiera Madeo represents a company that has always aimed to enhance the excellence of its territory and, since 1990, began the process of selecting and restoring this native breed of Calabrian black pig, today representing the most important native supply chain in Italy, attentive to the healthy diet of animals and their well-being.

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New cured meats with a Calabrian flavour

New Calabrian black pig cured meats have arrived in our online butcher's shop, with an irresistible aroma and flavour, thanks to the super natural breeding method in which the pigs live to guarantee them a healthy and genuine life. Here's what you can find in our online Italian meat shop.

'Nduja of Black Pig Lard from Calabria

The 'Nduja of Black Pig Lard from Calabria is a typical Calabrian sausage with a soft consistency and a spicy taste, traditionally born as a poor dish. It is in fact prepared with the fatty parts of the pig, with the addition of spicy Calabrian chili pepper and then stuffed into sausages. Nduja is the symbol of Calabrian cuisine, excellent on hot toasted bread, perfect when used as a sauté or added to sauces and ragù. A tasty recipe? Try the pasta with black pork Nduja. You can purchase the slice in a 250g vacuum pack.

Black pig ham flake from Calabria

Fiocco di Prosciutto is obtained from the same pork leg used to produce Culatello which is defatted and removed from the rind. The salting is done by hand and the ham flake is then left to rest. TheCalabrian Black Pig ham flake has a unique and irresistible fragrance, the fruit of the meat of this centuries-old breed which brings with it all the aromas of the land in which it is produced. You can find the flake of Calabrian black pig ham sliced ​​in 100g vacuum-packed portions or whole 1.5kg portions.

Calabrian Black Pig Lard Fior

Lard is the fatty layer of the back of the pork, salted and generally flavored with rosemary, sage, bay leaves and peppercorns. Externally it appears in the lower part with the rind while in the upper part covered with salt, spices and aromatic herbs. It has a finely spicy flavor and is ideal to enjoy with polenta or hot focaccia. Black pig lard from Calabria has a spicy and rustic taste, with a buttery consistency that melts in the mouth, a true delicacy. You can find the fior di Lardo in slices in a convenient 225 g vacuum pack.

Spicy black pig sausage from Calabria

You say Calabria and you think spicy! The sausage is a sausage known to all and composed of pork meat which is presented in its typical elongated shape and wrapped in casing, the shape varies from region to region but its shape is unmistakable. Each region has its own typical and unique recipe for the perfect sausage: cured, raw, spicy or spicy. Although particularly widespread throughout Northern Italy, the sausage owes its name to the ancient Roman district which included portions of Basilicata, Campania and Calabria, originally called Lucania. This is why in an online butcher's shop, which offers traditional Italian sausages, a typical product such as spicy Calabrian Black Pig sausage could not be missing: good, spicy, deliciously aromatic. You can find it in a convenient 350 g vacuum pack, and it is a gluten-free sausage.

In short, Italy is a multifaceted territory rich in unique products which, to be kept as such, must respond to a series of protocols and environmental requirements. The choice of the Carne Genuina online butcher's shop is to include these and other excellences of the Italian territory in one place and offer products that comply with the main production requirements. This is why in our online butcher shop there are niche and traditional products that choose to be healthy and genuine, for real!