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Sausaged , fermented and smoked cured meats

Cured meat appetizers: what are cured meats?

When we talk about cured meats we mean specially treated meat products, sometimes "simple" offal. The different processes involve smoking, cooking and curing cured meat procedures, as well as the addition of fat, spices, salt and additives. The product preparation procedures allow us to obtain, thanks to compliance with the specific protocol, PDO and PGI cured meats , products that are easy to identify thanks to an authentic, tasty and well-defined flavour.

Furthermore, the raw materials diversify the Italian DOP and PGI cured meats from cured and non-cured, as well as raw and cooked cured meats, or even fermented and non-fermented cured meats, or smoked and non-smoked cured meats. In short, a platter of Italian cured meats and cheeses can contain many truly extraordinary typical Italian products!

What are fermented cured meats?

The cured meat starter hides delicacies of pure authenticity. As regards DOP and PGI fermented cured meats, it is necessary to distinguish between cured and semi-cured products. A cured meat is defined as when it retains between 30 and 40% humidity. Their preparation does not involve cooking: after inserting the selected meat preparation added to the spices, we proceed with the seasoning.

Seasoning means conservation at 26 - 35 °C in special environments for a variable time depending on the product you want to obtain. The curious fact is given by the addition of some ingredients that may appear unusual: glucose is one of these which allows you to create a sort of perfect habitat for the creation of microorganisms present in the natural microflora. Among the typical seasoned cured meats there are local salami , seasoned loin , seasoned coppa and PGI Genoa salami.

What are smoked cured meats?

On the cold cuts platter, when the smoked products appear, the aroma amplifies, the taste takes on a spicy and pungent note, the flavor turns into mouth watering. Smoked PGI cured meats owe their success to a specific phase of production: fumigation. After the mixing phase with the secondary ingredients, such as spices and fat, the preparation is smoked in the smoke of a well-defined plant. Sauris ham, for example, renowned among the typical PGI cured meats, is lightly smoked with beech wood.

Therefore, in addition to the particular preparation, it is necessary to pay attention to both the maturing phase and the smoking phase which makes the product special and, if in full compliance with the protocol, allows it to acquire the label of Italian DOP and IGP cured meats. Raw ham from Prague and speck from Alto Adige are two classic examples of smoked cured meats.

What are the characteristics of cured meats?

Now that the distinction has been made, we can delve deeper into the nutritional characteristics of cured meats which, especially in times of diet or overindulgence, are essential for keeping calorie levels monitored. The cured meats are very different from each other, some better known, others less known but essential for some rural and productive realities such as the Norcia PGI cured meats. The only element present in all cured meats is sodium. The mineral lends itself perfectly to the preparation of products as it has dehydrating and preservative properties, furthermore it is fundamental given that its use allows the elimination of any type of external contamination.

Cured meats are not all the same, some have perfect characteristics for facing a period of low-calorie diet, such as bresaola, others are completely not recommended, such as local salami . In short, you need to choose the right products to complete the cold cuts and cheese platter, without dwelling too much on the calorie element, however it is good to have at least a general smattering of the main ingredients.

The vacuum and its rules

Carne Genuina chooses to offer vacuum-packed meat as it represents the safest method for transporting meat from the online butcher to the customer's home. Thanks to the particular packaging method, the risk of external contamination and harmful temperature changes is avoided. Receiving your own box of Italian meat purchased online and being sure that the products are healthy and genuine without the slightest trace of contamination is essential for bringing simple, traditional dishes to the table.

The idea of ​​moving from farming to table has allowed the farm to make its working method known and spread the desire and need to offer products created in full respect of nature's times and the well-being of the butcher. The art of master butchers is expressed through the proposal of international cuts of meat, which are difficult to find in the refrigerated counter. Sometimes preparing a recipe like your last trip helps strengthen memories and make the meal experience full of emotions. Seeing is believing!