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Charcuterie platter: the Christmas appetizer in addition to the classics

Charcuterie platter for Christmas: in addition to the great classics

Deciding on a cold cuts platter as an appetizer to serve on the table at Christmas is a delicate matter. We need to find the right balance, to prevent guests from eating too many appetizers and not being able to get to the second course. Alongside the great classics, in our online butcher's shop there are cold cuts that cannot be missed, and satisfy everyone thanks to their particular and unique flavours.

Salamino Sünì

The string of salami sünì cut into slightly thick slices adds color and joy to the Christmas cold cuts platter. All you need is a toothpick to skewer your slice and taste this truly exceptional delicacy. One leads to another and the salamis evaporate. Proposing salami on a cold cuts platter is rather unusual, however this is exactly the winning card to amaze and fill the appetizer table with delicacies.

Bresaola Bovi

Bresaola Bovì has the added value of being prepared following the rules of tradition by master butchers who work with passion and dedication at the center of their work. Controlled in every phase, it lends itself to being added to a plate of cured meats that satisfies those who want to pay attention to calories - at least in the starter. Low in fat and rich in flavour, bresaola is a perfect food to create contrast and cleanse the palate. Perfect with breadsticks and crackers, ideal with a spreadable cheese, it also welcomes a piece of omelette. In short, Bovì bresaola is multifaceted; discover these 3 tasty recipes with Bresaola .

If, however, you want to bring bresaola to the table with particular flavors more suitable for parties, we have solutions that are right for you; the Black Angus Bresaola , the Bresaola Tartare and the Bresaola Tartare with Truffle are for you: tasty, delicious and refined.


Classic and inevitable, Culatello also loudly recalls its presence in a respectable cold cuts and cheese platter. Delicate to the touch, perfectly scented and tasty on the palate, Carne Genuina's culatello is aged for 12 months. Unusual for any dinner and perfect for dressing a respectable holiday table, culatello is one of the aristocratic cured meats. In fact, once upon a time, only the wealthier classes could afford to put culatello on the table which, given its scarcity and long preparation, was only suitable for the tables of the wealthy. Today it is common practice to propose it during special occasions since it has kept its allure and its particular nature intact.

Nino Fiocco Cotto

Cooked yes, but not just any. The aromatic herbs and spices fit perfectly into this cooked ham which aims to offer a particular touch to the table. Unique colors and flavors that combine with other cured meats. There are a multitude of truly effective solutions to combine withNino Fiocco Cotto : garlic bruschetta, diced cheese or fresh mozzarella. Whatever the combination, the flavor does not disappoint and increases a refined and fragrant taste.

Ham flake

The ham flake lends itself to meeting the needs of the most refined palates who want a product seasoned to the right degree with a balanced flavor that is never too light. An 8-month maturation is therefore the perfect solution to satisfy those who want something special without straying too far from the classic. Good in taste, tasty without excess: the ham flake is the ideal wrapping for a breadstick seasoned with sprouts or delicate seeds.

Forbidden Shoulder Surplice Capitals

The plus of Spalla cotta Capitelli is the particular aroma and heady scent that combines and blends with the other sausages on the table. The shoulder is presented in addition to herbs and spices, ingredients that are also involved in the production phase, so as to optimize the flavor and offer truly spectacular added value.

Parma's ham

Particular and equally good , Prosciutto di Parma DOP is a product of Agricola Tenca, which puts first the attention towards traditional production in full compliance with the rules of the past with the addition of technological innovations that protect the product and they improve. The DOP marking, moreover, is synonymous with attention to the European discipline which defines and dictates strict rules for the production of certain products such as Parma Ham.

Flavored lard

Suitable for a few, perfect for anyone who chooses to taste it, flavored smoked lard explodes in all its flavor when accompanied by honey or mature cheese. “It melts in your mouth” This is the perfect description to describe the sensation that a slice of seasoned lard can give.

Seasoned Cup

The Tenca agricultural company offers another truly excellent product that tells of the care and dedication that master butchers put into their profession. The matured coppa is a too often mistreated product which, with its strong flavour, chooses to please true connoisseurs. Some prefer it in slightly thick slices, others taste it only if it is almost transparent, it's a matter of personal taste. The undisputed value is undoubtedly the authenticity of the product and the intense flavor that only a freshly sliced ​​slice of coppa can provide.

Charcuterie appetizers: save holiday lunch

The combination of cured meat appetizers with cheeses is the most classic thing that can be proposed during the holidays. To dare, you need to start with the basics and gradually create a personalized balance in line with the tastes of all the guests.

The idea of ​​offering a calibrated mix of cured meats and cheeses is the perfect solution to please everyone and keep the balance of the table intact. With this aim, we offer many delicatessen products in our online butcher's shop, a perfect mix of tradition and detail that helps those who get into the kitchen to unleash the weapon of imagination with the absolute certainty that the products are Italian, genuine and healthy.