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Mortadella, pancetta and porchetta: differences and curiosities

Mortadella, I love it!

Mortadella is one of the DOP Italian cured meats that best suits the party table or in the lunchbox for a trip out of town. Fragrant beyond all limits, tasty and inviting, a slice of mortadella helps lift your spirits and raise a smile, right? But to appreciate it better you need to know it! Mortadella is a sausage that has a pink color blended perfectly with rounded top quality lardons. The fine paste processing allows the slice to be compact to the eye and soft to the palate. Panic with Mortadella ? The top of the top!

Porchetta, I love it!

Central Italy is the area of ​​excellence in which to taste the best porchetta there is! Different versions depending on the specific area: towards Tuscany fennel is the must have added ingredient, in Ciociaria it is the absence of added ingredients that is the real must, in short, different solutions for a magnificent result always and in any case. Porchetta is a cut of pork that fully fits into a sui generis cold cuts and cheese platter.

It is usually associated with street food, a quick sandwich to taste something special, however it also looks good on a cutting board. You need to choose and understand how to best use it in order to offer the perfect cutting board. The delicate flavor meets and appreciates the association with other foods that are more defined in terms of taste such as pepper. The cooking phase is the true essence of the success of the product which must be long and continuous, controlled and careful. The porchetta recipe? In our article !

Bacon, I love it!

Rolled up, spliced ​​and laid out. Once again the Italian imagination manages to amaze by starting the journey from a common product: bacon , to be precise. The three variants differ from:

  • Rolled: the pork meat is prepared as if it were a salami without the rind.
  • Steccata: during preparation the cut of meat is folded and pressed between two sturdy wooden planks.
  • Spread: the pork meat is offered with the rind, in a sort of most natural version possible.

Whatever the preference, original bacon or cooked bacon , each region chooses to choose a variant to propose it in dishes, usually second courses, to flavor the dish such as the roast. Be careful not to confuse bacon with bacon! It would be detrimental to make the mistake in front of any Lazio player. Bacon takes on a secondary role on the cutting board, as it offers a full and rich flavor from the first taste, which is why it is usually offered in small doses.

Between the three arguing... the diner thanks!

The seasoning of the three Italian cured meats compared, as well as the preparation and for the porchetta, even the cooking, represent the real differences that contribute to the creation of a different, unique and particular flavour. The curing of cured meats and, above all, in this type of sausage is the true discriminating element that allows the cut of pork to take on an intense and decisive flavor rather than remaining light and almost imperceptible.

Carne Genuina offers different solutions to create a cold cuts platter capable of satisfying everyone's palate and ranging from delicate flavors to more defined and full-bodied ones. The combination of different ideas allows you to create a sort of ascending scale that starts with a delicate flavor until it leads to an authentic and persistent taste or vice versa, in short, it depends on your tastes! In any case, whatever the preference, the essential thing is to know the product in - almost - every variant so as to propose something that can be conversational in nature! An example? Norcia cured meats or Calabrian variations .

Charcuterie platter, what do I choose?

The choice is difficult, establishing which sausage goes best in the starter of cured meats and cheeses is quite complex, even more so if among the possible choices there are mortadella, porchetta and pancetta. To make the choice borderline impossible, you can think of products with DOP and IGP markings which increase the difficulty and, at the same time, transform the dish into something sublime, with an inviting aroma and a spectacular flavour.

Personal tastes are perhaps the only element that compromises the final decision since, paper in hand with indicated advantages and disadvantages seems to be a practice of times gone by. Carne Genuina wants to give meaning to the choice and thanks to in-depth articles to propose refined products that have a very specific history behind them: from breeding to the state to the preference for traditional methods. In fact, all the products present in our online butcher's shop are linked by a common thread that wants to convey the feeling of a table like that of the past, where tradition was an undisputed and respected matter.