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Cooking guide / carne di maiale


Everything about cotechino

Good, very good if accompanied with lentils to wish prosperity: let's find out more about our local cotechino.

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Second meat courses for the November menu

Let's explore autumn delights with meat to create a menu in just a few steps.
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Super marinades for pork

Let's find out how to amplify the flavor of some of the most popular cuts of pork to create tasty recipes.

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How to cook pork neck ?

Different preparations to give a unique taste, the pork neck is suitable for the grill and more!
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Marinate the pork

Pork finds its perfect dimension when it is marinated, here is the technique, secrets and delicious recipes
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Is there a difference between pork loin and pork loin?

Pork is synonymous with ribs, but there are other cuts that are too often mistreated, let's make order and clarity, let's start with the pork loin and pork loin

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Recipes compared : bourguignonne and chinoise

Meat fondue lends itself to different preparations: light or tasty version? We need to delve deeper!
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Fresh pork coppa or seasoned coppa?

Fresh cup of pork and it's straight away: Hamlet, get up! Now you need to choose and dispel all the dilemmas, here's all you need to know.
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Guide Genuine

Pork Ribs : the definitive guide to American ribs

Pork ribs, spare ribs or ribs... a thousand names for the pork meat loved by everyone: especially if cooked on the barbecue! Here is the Genuina guide on the main cuts.
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St. Louis

Why is it difficult to find the Saint Louis cut at the butcher?

Pork ribs and Saint Louise cut: beyond passing fads. A journey between sustainability and balance
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Tutto ribs

The difference between pork ribs and pork ribs

BBQ ribs are starting to become popular in restaurants and in our homes. Here are the differences to create the perfect Italian rib grill!
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Salumi e non

The thousand faces of capocollo

Capocollo, from Calabria to overseas: curiosities about this particular cut of pork.
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