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Raw cured meats: do you know them all?

Charcuterie appetizers

When it comes to cured meats, the Bel Paese is second to none! The panorama is truly vast and ranges from typical IGP cured meats to DOP cured meats with a truly incredible and delicious nonchalance! The Italian has a refined palate and is used to bringing excellence to the table, which is why we need to take stock of the situation and rediscover forgotten flavours, underline well-known tastes, and validate our excellences.

The cold cuts and cheese platter placed at the center of the table can be a treasure chest of delicious products, you need to choose carefully and create the right combinations. CarneGenuina.it presents a scenario full of particularities capable of creating a platter of delicious, tasty and delicate cured meats. You need to choose, that's how!

What are raw cured meats?

Raw cured meats are products that are seasoned without any cooking process. The meat preservation method is the oldest and involves phases such as drying and salting which today are enriched by the use of spices or putting aside in special and pre-established rooms necessary to obtain Italian PDO and PGI cured meats.

Over time, the need and desire to experiment have allowed master butchers to dare new techniques, cooked cured meats were born exactly like this. Choosing between the two types is rather complex since it is personal taste that decides winners and losers, when in doubt, offering DOP Italian cured meats (both cooked and raw) seems to be the ideal solution to satisfy all palates.

Salamino Sünì

Local salami created according to tradition with a mini gem from the master butcher. In fact, the salami recipe includes a prevalence of pork and a small percentage of beef. This detail allows the product to take on a more full-bodied note which blends perfectly with the sweetness of the pork.

Farmhouse salami

The classic local Bergamo salami . The sweetish flavour, the soft texture and the controlled maturation transform the product from an ordinary cured meat to something that has an extra value, another level, a different gear. The undisputed flavor of the farmhouse salami is guaranteed by the careful selection of the pig breeds used to produce the cured meats.


Cured meats seasoning? Over two months! Here is the secret of Bovì bresaola . The type of production allows us to bring to the table a product with a delicate and genuine taste which lends itself perfectly to being the protagonist of a light dinner as well as a rich appetizer. Angus Bresaola and Wagyu Bresaola are other variations of the raw cured meat that choose to focus attention on the breed of the animal and bring specific qualities to the table: from the marbling to the sweet aftertaste.

Raw ham

Among the DOP and IGP cured meats and raw hams, it is perhaps the best known: Parma ham . The name already contains the strength of its flavor which adds a tasty touch to the sweetness of the slice thanks to the perfect seasoning which complies with very specific traditional rules. Furthermore, the protocols used for the production of this raw ham contain a series of operations that producers must undergo in order to obtain the dedicated marking.

Flavored lard

Usually lard is intended for the most refined palates, for those who want to accompany a tasty cheese with a delicate cured meat or vice versa. Flavored lard is perfect for completing a platter of cured meats and cheeses and is the perfect setting both for those who already know it and for those who want to risk tasting it. Flavoring is the plus that offers a strong and distinct flavour.


The Alto Adige area is the undisputed queen of the product which offers different solutions such as deer and wild boar speck. However, the cured meat comes in its standard version made from pork and more precisely from the lean parts of the animal. Drying, salting and maturing complete the product which, thanks to strong flavouring, acquires its classic and tasty flavour.


The cut of pork from which bacon is obtained is the belly. It exists in two versions: rolled and smooth, Americans call it bacon and offer it cooked and crunchy. In Italy, it releases its maximum flavor when, freshly sliced, it is placed on slices of crunchy bread or yellow polenta.

DOP and IGP cured meats are mouth watering first and foremost

Italian cured meats lend themselves to completing rich platters, as well as becoming the perfect ingredient in some recipes: rolled meats are just one example. To choose wisely you need to exclude some solutions and prefer others. In short, when it comes to cured meats, there are so many solutions, which is why the idea of ​​trying a bit of everything is the perfect way out to find your own preference and build a scale of values.

CarneGenuina.it chooses to offer some excellences by focusing on niche products that would otherwise struggle to become known, which is why Bresaola Rosé is available in e-commerce. An advice? Choose a well-known cured meat and accompany it with something niche, little by little you discover flavors that would otherwise be eternally unknown!