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Cooking guide / BBQ

Veggy bbq

All about grilled vegetables

Grilled vegetables are perfect for creating many combinations of colors and flavors with just a few small precautions: here are the Genuini sgami.
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Non solo carne

What to grill instead of meat?

Good weather and a desire for a different barbecue than usual? Here are some valid, super tasty alternatives to grilled meat
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The accessories for the perfect BBQ

Time to grill, but do you have all the necessary accessories on hand? Discover with us what can't be missing.

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BBQ life

All about the Tomahawk : questions and answers

Here is the super practical guide to make a good impression at your next meat barbecue with friends.
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Balcony grill: fun and good neighborliness

In addition to the classic invitation, here's how to grill beef and more without ending up in court for a condominium lawsuit
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The secrets of Brisket : brisket at the BBQ

Beef, especially Brisket, allows a unique sensation thanks to the grill, here are secrets and tricks for perfect cooking
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BBQ master

8 rules for cooking Fiorentina

The T-bone Florentine steak is one of the best cuts of beef. Everyone loves it and wants to cook it perfectly: here are some BBQ-proof tips.
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Casus Grill

The grill box for a sustainable mid-August holiday

How to make a super August holiday without a professional barbecue!
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5 idee

Grill and save . Mission possible!

The cheap and quick menus include a dish that unites and creates friendship: barbecue, here's how to make it best
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St. Louis

Why is it difficult to find the Saint Louis cut at the butcher?

Pork ribs and Saint Louise cut: beyond passing fads. A journey between sustainability and balance
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BBQ time

The best unusual cuts of meat for grilling

Here is Carne Genuina's definitive ranking of the best unusual cuts of meat that you can find in our online butcher shop perfect for the grill.
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Beef brisket : history, uses and curiosities

For Texans, beef brisket is something irreplaceable and must be made with the utmost care. Here are some curiosities.
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