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Cooking guide / formaggio


World Cheese Award: the global cheese showcase

Every year, producers, expert judges and enthusiasts gather to celebrate the World Cheese Award: let's discover the winners you can find in our shop.
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The art of pairing: pickles and mustards

Let's find out how to combine pickles and fruit chutneys: a combination of contrasts and perfect matches.

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The combination of cheese and beer

No more classic pairings of wine and cheese, today we're talking about a more particular and ideal pairing for the warmer season (but also for true beer lovers).
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DOP e non

Bergamo cheeses: ideas in the kitchen

Bergamo's dairy excellence becomes the protagonist - also - of the cold cuts and cheese platter for festive recipes
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Cheese BBQ

The perfect cheeses for the grill

Among the great classics, new proposals and more daring ideas, here is the journey through grilled cheeses: Pan di cacio & Co.
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Origini antiche

Taleggio : blue writing or red writing? Advice for an informed choice

A particular cheese with Bergamo origins whose production was born from the desire of the inhabitants to conserve milk and transform it into a delicious and healthy food.
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Origini lombarde

Taleggio DOP : ancient flavour

Soft cheese with a raw, compact texture inside and a non-floury core, produced exclusively with milk, salt and rennet: three ingredients for a unique flavour.
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Tra gusto e olfatto

Wines + cheeses

The perfect pairing is born when certain characteristics are respected: compactness, texture, balance and respect for the aromatic components.
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