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The thousand faces of capocollo

What is capocollo?

Capocollo is a section of pork loin, in particular it is the upper part of the loin. The transformation into the final product occurs following different procedures and depending on the result you want to obtain. In fact, there are different protocols and specifications to make the product unique, only in Italy there are two truly unique examples: the capocollo from Calabria and the coppa from Parma.

Capocollo of Calabria

The recipes with capocollo used in Calabria require a top quality product, which to be defined as such complies with a specific regulation with the supervision of the local Consortium. First we need to use pork meat from the surrounding areas, we proceed with the processing which includes controlling the fat percentage, and then move on to salting, seasoning and the addition of black pepper. To recognize the Calabrian capocollo you need to observe the meticulous balance between white stripes - fat, and red stripes - meat. The strong, distinct taste and the inviting scent complete everything, resolving the doubt about the authenticity of the product.

Parma Cup

Famous throughout the world, Coppa di Parma is another derivative of pork loin, or rather, from the initial part of the pork cut. The PGI marking determines its uniqueness and the necessary response to precise processing and maturing techniques. The PGI recognition occurred in 2011 and since then its fame has grown exponentially even beyond the border. Its production requires different cuts of meat coming from the same area of ​​the pig: cervical part and small sections of the neck. The softness and a light flavor make the product recognizable on the palate, characteristics which, combined with the perfume and the bright red color, unleash the taste buds.

Boston Butt and neck

If in Italy capocollo is used to produce sausages that are unique in flavor and type, overseas they choose to use the cut to create truly tasty and tasty recipes with capocollo. Perhaps not everyone knows that the Boston butt is none other than the cut used for pulled pork: a tasty, tasty and delicious pulled pork dish. Recipes with pork and even more so for this particular recipe fill the virtual world, in common they all have a simple and complicated rule at the same time: a long, carefully controlled cooking over low heat. By following this rule, trick or secret you will obtain an excellent dish, to make it perfect you need to choose top quality ingredients.

Lonza or capocollo?

If the name is the same, the taste is... the same! Or rather, the loin is a cut of pork meat obtained from the pig's neck and is also used for the preparation of sausage. Pork cuts are versatile and tasty, pork loin is the most obvious example of how preparation creates products that are completely different from each other and at the same time equally delicious.

On one side the most famous seasoned loin, on the other a juicy and tasty loin roast. The preparation and choice between a thousand variations of recipes with pork represents the true - and only - turning point. Capocollo is a perfect sausage for aperitifs and buffets. Pork loin is suitable for unique and tasty roasts.

Tasty ideas

To encourage imagination, you need to take inspiration from recipes with pork that choose to use the cut as the absolute prince. The idea in the roasted version chooses to be added to particular sauces or curious side dishes. A light version is celeriac which, similar to French fries, provides the bare minimum in terms of calories. In terms of sauces, to make the most of the pork loin it can be presented with citrus fruit puree or acidic sauces capable of best balancing the softness of the meat and the delicate and compact flavour. Bagged? Croutons or sheets of hard cheese. Pay attention when cutting the slice which must be thin enough, so as to satisfy a palate's needs without exceeding in flavour.

From the butcher to the table

Carne Genuina chooses to propose different solutions to bring this fantastic, multifaceted and sensational cut of pork to the table. To amaze guests ahead of an easy barbecue with friends, you can think of preparing pulled pork. If, however, the choice falls on a home-made aperitif, you can propose a sausage capable of enhancing the table in terms of color and flavour.

Sunday lunch? Here the second is solved thanks to the roast pork loin which becomes a perfect method to bring something tasty and healthy at the same time to the table. The extra touch? Choose to add a particular Rub to the cooked version of the product which enhances the flavor without causing any disharmonies that are difficult to resolve.