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Cooking guide / fiorentina


The chicken is to the broth what the old cow is to the grill

There is a bovine breed of Spanish origins which, in old age, is able to express the best of itself, here is the Italian version
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BBQ master

8 rules for cooking Fiorentina

The T-bone Florentine steak is one of the best cuts of beef. Everyone loves it and wants to cook it perfectly: here are some BBQ-proof tips.
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BBQ estivo

La Fiorentina : the grill par excellence

Fiorentina is the bone-in steak that just thinking about it brings to mind a fragrant barbecue, vegetables in dip and rivers of beer or red wine.

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Buone come la fiorentina

Cheap steaks

That unique scent and that unforgettable depth: then comes the bill and it's painful. Here's how to eat a good steak without spending a fortune.
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