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St. Louis

Why is it difficult to find the Saint Louis cut at the butcher?

Pork ribs: St. Louis ribs

St. Louis ribs are the pure essence of a true master griller. Few know them, too many appreciate them and know how to cook them without waste. The St. Louis ribs are the most sublime, tasty, tasty and tender thing that can be cooked on the stove but, there is the downside that it involves a significant waste of meat which clashes with the desire to produce sustainable meat in full compliance with times of nature.

However, the majestic art of barbecue chooses to promote from time to time an excellence which, in terms of taste, presents itself as something unattainable if cooked to perfection. Only experts in the sector know the cut which is rather rare to find and the motivation must be reserved for the concept of sustainable meat consumption.

Girl eating barbecued ribs

What are St. Louis ribs?

The cut of pork comes from the brisket and although it may be considered valuable and refined, it is obtained by making a different cut of the ribs from the typical baby back ribs. Usually at the butcher you can find the classic ribs, sometimes the baby ribs, more rarely the spare ribs, almost never the St. Louis ribs. The most valuable ones are the least sustainable and this is because to be produced they must be stripped of cartilage and superfluous strips of meat to give a small, very flat, easy to handle and uniform cut of meat.

To make the St. Louis cut two steps are needed: first eliminate the meat called lap - the one at the narrowest end of the rib. Next you need to focus on the cartilage and make a horizontal cut near the sternum. In this way you get our fine cut of pork but you can also notice how much other tasty meat has to be discarded.

St. Louis ribs in a sustainable version

Savoring such a fine and tasty cut of meat is nowadays a trend in the food sector. To be able to ride it and satisfy your curiosity, you can choose to combine the cut in a mixed grill where you can fully enjoy the experience without neglecting the detail. of pork which, if of high quality, offers a unique and intense flavour.

The secret, especially when it comes to cut baby back ribs or St. Louis ribs, is partly to deliver the marinade at the moment which, if carried out according to protocol, makes the dish even tastier, more fragrant and of better quality.

A simple way to reach the finish line without fear is the proposal of our online butcher's shop. In the online meat shop, we offer the possibility of purchasing a vast assortment of pork such as classic ribs, American-style pork ribs and the tasting BBQ box, and thanks to the expert hands of our master butchers we have managed to create an assortment variety of products perfect to satisfy everyone's palate (and without waste).

The Genuine Meat solution

The Carne Genuina farm, among the various proposals, chooses to focus its attention in two directions:

  • on the one hand, full respect for the cycles of nature and the well-being of the animal
  • on the other hand, the desire to amaze by choosing to propose particular cuts of meat or explaining the different methods so as to personalize the dish

The desire to offer particular cuts of meat intended for special situations is one of the priorities of Carne Genuina which combines the delicacy of Italian meat and organic and certified meat with the concept of sustainability. Attention to the environment is the most important aspect of the commercial policy of an agricultural company that revolves around the slow rhythms of nature. Good, indeed very good, rare and sometimes very rare, this is the real dilemma of a cut of pork that is as good as it is particular.

St Louis ribs or grilled cooked ribs

St Louis ribs and barbecue

The common ribs (aka ribs, chops or tacks) are a perfect compromise and starting point to make the family barbecue something tasty classic, or perhaps it is the pork ribs that are an integral and indispensable part of any barbecue. If Carne Genuina manages to offer an easy and sustainable solution thanks to the Grigliatina BOX, it is equally true that every now and then you need to surprise: marination, reverse cooking method, Maillard reaction are all surplus if the Italian meat is first quality.

Always improving, this is the philosophy to follow and, at the same time, daring with particular, bulky or minimal cuts of meat, keeping one certainty intact: 100% Italian meat brings with it all the attention of the artisanal production chain which prefers sustainability of spaces and resources. Saint Louis are good, and can become just the exception in a particular barbecue.