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Tutto ribs

The difference between pork ribs and pork ribs

Pork: a matter of choice

For Italian barbecue fans, pork ribs are a plus to add and something indispensable. Sometimes opting for real master cuts and choosing to offer particular cuts of meat such as Picanha or a Florentine steak. Other times, however, it turns without discussion on the most classic thing there can be and combines the fine cuts with a nice rack of ribs and salami that represent a bit of barbecue parsley.

To make a leap forward, however, you need to know and thoroughly reel off some gems and precise information, to transform the amateur griller into a sort of expert and perfectionist master griller. In short, the charm of those who toil in front of the grill can be amply rewarded! The difference between beef ribs and pork ribs is now clear and outdated, now we need to go into detail and find other notions capable of surprising guests between one beer and another.

Pork ribs, but which ribs?

All you can ribs, this is the mantra for many Italians who, as the summer approaches, choose to sing - more or less in chorus - the same mantra. But, there are ribs and ribs: ribs and pork ribs are essentially the same thing, they are the same way to define different cuts of pork. They can also be called pork chops or ribs, but they are always a delicious dish. It's a different matter for the American nature which makes pork ribs a real philosophy. In fact, overseas, you need to pay the utmost attention and choose a cut of meat suitable for the recipe you want to reinterpret, daring is allowed, making mistakes is not.

American style ribs, here are the differences

America has always had barbecue as a profound tradition, we need to respect it and choose to adapt. In fact, overseas, before preparing a barbecue you need to choose the combinations with extreme caution and attention. There are essentially 2 cuts of ribs in an American BBQ.

Baby Ribs

They are very small ribs, with little meat. The cut starts from the spine immediately after the loin and the name derives from their size. In Italy, however, they are called ticks. In addition to purely theoretical notions, it is necessary to bring to mind the scent of a respectable barbecue since this cut in particular represents the essence and satisfaction of sight, even before the flavor.

Small and abundant at the same time, they range from cuts that contain between 7 and 15, in short, even if they have little substance, they manage to solve the problem of grilling meat. Another plus is the cooking time which, thanks to its size, varies between an hour and a half and two hours.

Spare Ribs

The great classic that couldn't be more classic. They are the ribs that give the best of themselves. They come with more fat as they are the cut of meat consequential to baby ribs, their being a little more regular and flat allows you to marinate them to perfection or, for the more expert, to dose the RUB properly!

A little more bone that moves hand in hand with a little more fat, obviously without leaving out the meat in any way which, tasty and tasty, satisfies everyone's taste buds! The Americans choose to use the cut, renamed St. Louis, from which they remove the last piece (rib trip) to make the whole thing rectangular and be able to cook it at its best.

And now? 100% Italian meat with no more secrets!

The doubt is starting to dissipate but, to create a perfect barbecue you need maximum balance and how is it achieved? Carne online Genuina has an easy solution that allows all diners to remain silent and silent while waiting for their portion. First of all, the master griller - or amateur, if you prefer - must learn the tricks and secrets of marinating and become familiar with the RUB.

Subsequently, it is necessary to acquire maximum mastery with the tools of the true meat lover who are about to become best friends forever and, ultimately, to know and reel off notions about the Maillard reaction, so as to amaze with theory before even bringing a grilled meat to the table. Respectable Italian meat. It doesn't take much and Carne Genuina is at your complete disposal! In fact, in the blog there are several articles that choose to delve into various topics and in the online butcher's shop there are cuts of meat obtained from Italian cows capable of satisfying everyone.

Online butchers: easy to choose!

Now that this false myth has also been cleared through customs, all that remains is to turn our attention towards other details that make the main ingredient even more delicious and tasty. In fact, it seems that to make a dish truly super, you need to choose top quality ingredients, and this concept applies to everything.

From organic vegetables, to particular spices, through to organic Italian meat capable of showing off its maximum potential thanks to the breeds of Italian cows raised on traditional farms. You need to pay attention to the label, learn to read it and then leave room for imagination and dare bizarre and curious combinations. If it is true that balance is needed, it is equally important to buy meat online and be certain of its origin. Different solutions offer different choices, you need to know first!