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Second meat courses for the November menu

What to eat for dinner in autumn? Autumn recipes with meat

November brings with it the freshness and characteristic scent of autumn, an ideal season to appreciate hearty and nutritious recipes. Among the most popular culinary options, meat-based second courses stand out for their rich and enveloping flavour.

With the advent of November, nature covers its palette with warm and enveloping shades.

Crunchy leaves underfoot, the unmistakable scent of wood burning in the stoves, the wind cradling the golden leaves: all signs that we are approaching the heart of autumn.

In this magical context, nothing is more comforting than a meal that celebrates the robust flavors of meat.

The warmth of a kitchen that welcomes you with enveloping hugs, the scent of stews emanating from the stove and the whistle of the wind outside the window create a welcoming and reassuring atmosphere. It is in this scenario that meat becomes the undisputed protagonist of rich and satisfying tables, bringing with it the promise of autumnal culinary pleasures.

What are the autumn products?

Autumn is a season full of products, we can enjoy:

pumpkin, mushrooms, chestnuts, cauliflower, cabbage and cabbage, fresh and dried figs, dried fruit and berries, peppers, pears, plums and plums, pomegranates, aubergines, apples, honey, turnips, normal celery and celeriac, grapes and many others.

The recipes that follow are designed to enhance the seasonality of the ingredients, creating a perfect combination between generous nature and a demanding palate.

Whether you're a lover of beef, chicken or pork, there will be delicious options to suit every preference. Get ready to immerse yourself in an autumn gastronomic journey, where meat becomes the canvas on which to paint memorable culinary experiences.

5 autumn recipes with beef

Beef, with its succulent consistency, becomes the protagonist in many autumn recipes. Among the proposals not to be missed, dishes such as beef stew with polenta stand out, an irresistible combination of flavors that warms up the cooler evenings. And if you are looking for something quicker, a beef carpaccio with mushrooms and parmesan will be an elegant and delicious appetizer.

Among the other suggestions for recipes with beef not to be missed are:

  • Organic beef stew with bacon : an irresistible combination of flavors that warm up the cooler evenings.
  • Beef carpaccio with mushrooms and parmesan : an elegant and tasty appetizer to start meals with flavour.
  • Beef tongue carpaccio : beef tongue is part of the famous "waste pieces" of beef but not in this dish which is its star.
  • Beef and mushroom stew : a dish rich in aromas that celebrates the union between meat and seasonal mushrooms.
  • Oven-baked organic roast beef with spices : a sophisticated presentation of meat, enriched by the enveloping taste of spices.

6 autumn recipes with chicken

Chicken, with its versatility, lends itself to multiple autumn interpretations. A baked chicken with sage, herbs and spices can become the perfect dish for a family dinner. For a more rustic touch, try the chicken passatelli, cooked with tomato, red wine and herbs.

Try these delicious chicken recipes perfect for autumn:

  • Baked chicken with sage : aromas and spices combine in a perfect dish for a family dinner.
  • Organic chicken Cacciatore : cooked with tomato, red wine and aromatic herbs, it gives a rustic and tasty touch.
  • Chicken soup with pumpkin and mushrooms : a dish that combines the delicacy of chicken with the robustness of chestnuts and mushrooms.
  • Chicken rolls with bacon and cheese : an enveloping and tasty option that will conquer the palate.
  • Chicken breast with peppers : the perfect dish to enjoy hot or cold as a snack at work, perhaps accompanied by a portion of basmati rice or salad.
  • Chicken skewers with Dijon mustard : tasty "light" and super tasty chicken skewers to be cooked on the barbecue, on the grill or in a pan accompanied by grilled vegetables.

6 autumn recipes with pork

Pork, with its enveloping meat, lends itself to delicious combinations. An unmissable dish is pork with chestnuts, a combination that celebrates autumn flavors in every bite. But let's discover other tasty recipes with pork to try this autumn.

Delight in these autumn recipes:

  • Pork with chestnuts and apples : a combination that celebrates autumn flavors in every bite.
  • Pork chops in beer : among the many quick recipes with pork that we can find for cooking chops, we have found a version that will give your meat a taste that recalls English taverns: pork chops in red beer.
  • Roast pork with apples and onions : a tasty option, perfect for a convivial dinner.
  • Pork loin with milk : this classic recipe is a perfect combination of the softness of the meat and the creaminess of the milk, creating a dish that will satisfy even the most demanding palates.
  • Pork with honey and mustard : a sweet and spicy combination that adds an intriguing note to the meat.
  • Pork rolls with cheese and mushrooms : a tasty and tasty alternative.

This month, let yourself be conquered by the variety of flavors that meat can offer, transforming your menu into a culinary journey through autumnal scents.