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Casus Grill

The grill box for a sustainable mid-August holiday

Why do we grill on August 15th?

The origins of the midsummer festival celebrated on August 15th have ancient origins, on the one hand ancient Rome which lived on agriculture and on the other the world of the Church and the Catholic religion. The curiosities to rattle off between one rib and another are little gems that join the proposal of the Grigliatina box : the enchantment of authentic flavor combined with historical pills capable of leaving you speechless, sorry full!

Roman origins of grilled meat

The word Ferragosto derives from the Latin Feriae Augusti - rest of Augustus - and recalls a holiday wanted by the emperor Augustus in 18 BC. The day aims to underline a moment of rest and celebration, closely linked to the tradition of the Consualia. The dedication to the god of the earth and fertility was a necessary token to thank for the harvest concluded a few days before.

In addition to this small detail, ancient Rome was populated by rather devious subjects and behind the apparent air of celebration and joy was hidden the need to give a moment of adequate rest to workers exhausted by harvests and intense work. At this moment the term Augustali was born. A bit like what happens on August 16th in Siena with the Palio dell'Assunta.

Catholic origins of the mid-August barbecue

On August 15th the Assumption of Mary into heaven is celebrated which symbolizes death and rebirth. Catholics choose to take part in the service and then join a moment of leisure with the family which usually translates into a barbecue with friends and the desire to party, consolidating kinship and closeness.

A reason for the barbecue on August 15th

For many, Ferragosto means New Year's Eve in summer, if on the beach water balloons are thrown while the meat cooks on the grill, in other places they choose to show the utmost dedication and attention to the care of the beef which slowly takes color and releases a delicious aroma . In short, whatever the place, you need to celebrate to reach September - the critical month of new beginnings - with the right spirit and the certainty of having real friends around, consolidating the friendship between one craft beer and another and sharing a salami with a sublime flavour. !

Meat for barbecues and trips out of town

If the online butcher shop has intrigued you with the Grigliatina box , all you need to do is find a perfect place to make it as attractive as possible. The parks in the provinces of Milan, Bergamo, Brescia and Cremona have spaces designated for BBQ, but the desire to get up at dawn to take a seat could make you give up.

Well, the solution is within reach and Carne Genuina chooses to offer a perfect kit for grilling everywhere, winking at the environment and keeping intact the green and traditional spirit that distinguishes the farm.

Grillatina box: the name is tantalizing

The curious name hides a wow effect capable of striking many and capturing just as many!

Here's what it contains:

  • 1 fully biodegradable disposable grill, 31cm x 24cm
  • 4 pork sausages, approximately 175 g each
  • 4 pork skewers of approximately 150 g each
  • 2 craft beers from the Pratorosso brewery, 33 cl

We need to delve deeper to show the effectiveness of the grill and the fantastic opportunity to experience a mid-August holiday immersed in nature, abandoning the usual, obvious, classic and out-of-fashion stuffed sandwiches.

The casu Grill is a grill created with completely natural material that heats up in a very short time and lasts as long as the cooking of the beef ingredients in the box requires: 60 minutes to prepare a delicious and particular dish without hesitation for the environment.

Ingenious solutions for genuine dishes

The principle of Carne online Genuina is to offer simple and traditional cuts of meat combined with ready-to-use solutions that break away from the idea of ​​the classic pan-fried steak. The recipes section is full of curious and alternative proposals that aim to focus attention on the need to satisfy the eyes first and then the palate, not one of the two, but both, without any discrimination.

The casus grill is the added value that is added to top quality meat and craft beer, once again the common thread of the tasting box is that of craftsmanship and wants to shine the spotlight on the desire to offer simple "things", but with taste. Carne Genuina is a guarantee, a marvel of bizarre and traditional ideas, capable of surprising and uniting, what are you waiting for to try the grill box?