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Balcony grill: fun and good neighborliness

How to barbecue on the balcony? No fire, no smoke, yes taste

Grilling on the balcony is possible, without having to argue with the neighbors and thanks to the help of technology. It seems absurd, yet it's all true. There are BBQs which, using different methods, allow you to cook meat on the grill, competing with the old charcoal.

The perfect advice for buying a BBQ ranges from everyone's availability in terms of space. Staying dreaming and observing your neighbor's green and lush lawn while imagining the BBQ corner is counterproductive.

To bring grilled pork meat or other particular specialties made according to the manual with a perfect Maillard reaction to the table, you need to put your hands in the dough - sorry, in gloves, and choose the most suitable tools for good coexistence with more or less meddlesome neighbors.

Balcony BBQ: the types

There are those who hang colorful and fragrant flower pots and those who choose to place a BBQ there.

There are different types, some perfect even when put on the table, others reminiscent of the Japanese style with shabu shabu , the final choice is based on price and metric availability.

The foresight to avoid "stinking" the textiles and clothing on the balcony next door is essential since the direct consequence is the grim look and the war footing of the angry neighbor.

Which barbecue then is perfect for the terrace? Different ideas and solutions help to raise a smile and add a seat at the table, a bit like in the advertisements for the mill I would like: gas, electric, coal, pellet and portable.

Gas balcony barbecue: characteristics

The big question: which barbecue produces less smoke? Well, the most convenient and practical, it is the most common version thanks to its ease of use and quick cleaning.

Other aspects that characterize the gas barbecue are the automatic temperature control thanks to the built-in thermostat which makes cooking easier even for the less experienced.

The gas version can be used inside and outside the home, although being flexible is directly linked to the volume and size of the instrument.

Another aspect to consider is safety, this version is generally safer than its charcoal relative, it is however recommended to read the instructions carefully before cooking any food.

Electric balcony barbecue: characteristics

The element that makes the electric barbecue top of the list is the ease of use which is linked directly to the electric current: in fact, just insert the plug and... the fire is ready! Sorry, the serpentine.

Electric barbecues are easy to clean, but you need to be careful in the procedure, because first you need to wait until the temperature has dropped and the socket is unplugged.

Even in terms of temperature control, the electric version responds well to the request, most of the models on the market are equipped with an internal thermostat which helps to maintain the desired temperature uniform and constant.

Charcoal barbecue: characteristics

The charcoal barbecue is intended for those who are a little familiar with the tools of the trade and has a rather large and well-ventilated space.

If the cleaning and maintenance of the charcoal instrument require slightly more refined manual skills and care, the return in terms of taste of the meat manages to repay all the efforts.

The charcoal barbecue version is perfect for slow and long cooking such as Beef Brisket or Pulled Pork and thanks to the help of the imagination of those at the stove they are transformed into space dishes bordering on the exceptional.

The price is the element that, having evaluated the space, becomes a salient point for transforming a last-minute griller into an almost pedantic master, they cost little compared to their "semi self-cleaning" relatives, however it is essential first of all, to learn how to move with the grill.

Pellet barbecue: characteristics

An excellent middle ground capable of providing a more than acceptable taste and at the same time being far from the "stove grill". Easy to use and clean, pellet barbecues choose to have a material as fuel that gives an effect similar to coal without the same amount of smoke and dust.

Perfect for those who would like coal but can't afford it due to space, suitable for those who dare just enough and invite even the complaining neighbor to the table by putting on a good face.

Temperature control in pellet barbecues is optimal since the control system in most models is semi-automatic, therefore the risk of excessively high temperatures is almost zero.

The possibility of choosing pellets made from different woods guarantees your beef or pork - or whatever else you choose to grill - a very particular flavour. Item to consider!

Eco friendly and disposable portable barbecue

An eco-friendly grill deserves a small special mention; There are many on the market but we want to talk to you about the one you can find in our online butcher shop.

The casus grill is an eco friendly disposable grill and a practical, intelligent and functional tool. Its setup allows you to grill beef, chicken, pork and vegetables in any environment without attacking the spaces and offering a green lunch.

In fact, thanks to its completely natural composition, it can be used anywhere and at the same time offers homogeneous cooking thanks to the rapid reaching of the necessary temperature and maintenance. When you see the first glimpses of the beautiful season, your first thought is to stay outdoors as much as possible - or on the balcony.

Portable and balcony barbecues: taste and zero clutter

Portable barbecues come in all types: disposable, reusable, completely green and "walkable". The perfect choice depends on where you choose to grill, if it is a natural environment, the totally green version is the perfect solution as it allows you to immerse yourself in the ideal mood of nature.

The portable BBQ has a limited autonomy compared to other versions, which is why it will be necessary to use it for cooking cuts of meat that are small in size and quick to "bring to the table".

The price ranges in different ranges and it all depends on the type you are choosing, as well as the material with which they are made, however they are among the cheapest due - above all - to their rather small dimensions.

If not disposable they are extremely easy to clean as well as to check during cooking since they only have the essential elements, without elaborate contraptions. In short, the portable barbecue is more for the scene than for the performance, however it proves to be a valid and useful tool.

Balcony BBQ: Hamlet-like doubt and practical solutions

The choice is quite difficult and takes into consideration many aspects ranging from the space available to the type of meat - and not only - that you want to prepare. The desire to respect the environment becomes essential especially on trips out of town where the casu grill becomes the perfect and super green solution.

If the choice of BBQ is demanding, it is important to remember that it is important - as much as - to concentrate on the choice of meat, perhaps preferring a ready and go box such as the BBQ box created from genuine meat which tells the essence of the grill and is proposed as ready-to-use solution.

For the marinade, the choice of RUB and the Maillard reaction there is time and space to delve deeper, now we need to keep the attention on two essential elements which otherwise will nullify all the effort.